7 Best Microphone for any Project you name it

For what purpose you need a microphone?

Before choosing a microphone it is very important to keep in mind that for what purpose you need for it. Because different microphones have different uses, like dynamic microphones are used for recording sounds of musical instruments and singing. While on the other hand condenser microphones are specially designed for pod casting and recording low frequency sounds or when the sources of the sound are pretty near to record.

best condenser microphone
I have listed some of the best  microphones that many people has been using around the world for making videos either for pod-casting, YouTube, personal or for cinema projects.
Note: All the microphones in this lists does not any phantom power, because all are powered by USB.
1) Yeti USB Condenser Microphone: First it is a USB microphone which can connect to a computer of any Windows operating system or any Mac OS X without any driver. It is a condenser microphone for producing professional like quality sounds. Under the given price tag, I think it is one of the best USB microphone that I have ever came along. Just plug and play, and the design is also pretty neat with buttons like mute, mode, headphone volume, and MIC gain control. Bottom line, I would like to say that it is an outstanding value for a great sounding microphone.

2) Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: How can one make a list of condenser microphones without including one from Blue Microphones? Yes, the Snowball iCE a condenser microphone that has been used by hundreds of thousands of creators for recording vocals, podcasting, narration, and for YouTube videos around the world. Just like the Yeti USB, this also does not need any drivers to install either for Mac or PC. The microphone is shipped with a desktop stand and a USB cable.

3) Samson C01U Pro Condenser Microphone: This is a pro version of the original Samson C01U. The microphone has a  large 19mm diaphragm which ensures pristine studio-quality audio. The microphone has a very high accuracy with zero latency monitoring. Yes, it is a plug and play microphone which does not need any driver for Mac or PC. It can be even connected to an iPad or iPhone with a USB powered bus. Inside the box you will find the microphone, mini tripod stand and a swivel mount. If you want to take a look of other Samson’s, there are dozens of microphones in the Samson C01 series like C01U, C01U Pro, C01UCW, C01 Pak, etc., but the simple C01U is the first product of the C01 line.

4) CAD U37 USB Condenser Microphone: Like the Samson C01U, this condenser microphone too has a large diaphragm for warm and rich recordings. It comes with a stand which holds the microphone about 5 inches above the base. The microphone has even bass reduction switch which reduces the room noise. Unfortunately, it does not have power switch. So, turn it off you will need to unplug the microphone from your computer. But anyway under the given price tag the microphone is a really good buy.

5) Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone: Just like the other four above this one is another professional grade quality microphone. It too has a large diaphragm for unsurpassed audio quality. It has features like ultra low noise reduction, cardioid pickup pattern for excellent sound source separation and feedback rejection and pressure gradient transducer with shock mounted capsule. The best I like is that it is a conceived, designed and manufactured by the Germans.

6) Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone: This microphone is ideal for pod-casting. field recording, voiceover use or home studio recording. The microphone allows you to directly monitor your output without any audible delay with its built-in headphone jack. You can connect to any computer of any operating system because it does not need any drivers. It is just simple plug and play microphone.

7) Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone: Here it is another from Audio-Technica which is a side-address studio condenser microphone with USB digital output. It perfectly works with any Windows or any Mac as it does not need any driver, just a simple plug and play will do. It is a great desktop mic for pod-casting and recording vocals to make YouTube videos.

Well, those all are the 7  condenser microphone. If you have any other that you thinks it should be on this list, you are welcome to make a suggestion in the comment section below. In our next update, I shall review it.

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