7 Problems and Issues with HTC Desire 828 (Details)

Issues, Drawbacks and Problems with HTC Desire 828

This article is all about the HTC Desire 828 Issues, Drawbacks and Problems which has been released in November 2015.

Yes, on paper the specs are interesting with the Desire 828. It is a dual SIM device with is powered with a 1.5 GHz Octa-core chipset from MediaTek. It comes pre-installed with Android Lollipop but the company promised to upgrade it to the latest version Android v6.0 Marshmallow. Like many other HTC smartphones this one too can be expanded its external memory up to 2 TB or 2048 GB. Design wise it is very slim but a little large due to the 5.5 inch display size. The 13 megapixel camera has an optical image stabilization feature which takes care of blurry images and shaky videos. It produces a very high quality images when the light is in good condition. Anyway lets get to the main topic which is about the issues, problems and drawbacks of the HTC Desire 828.


Below are the lists of 7 HTC Desire 828 Issues and Problems:

HTC Desire 828 Problems and Issues1. The primary issue with the device is the presence of heavy bloatwares. Now some of these can be uninstalled and some can’t. I wonder why smartphone manufacturer thinks that those apps would be necessary for the consumers.

2. Next HTC Desire 828 issue is that the device does not have a NFC. For a phone at this price tag this feature is very much required.

3. What about the heating issue? Well it heats a little above average when compared with other device. The heating is experienced on the display and on the processor.

4. Another HTC Desire 828 drawbacks is that the device does not have any kind of fast battery charging technology. You know what it takes more than 4.5 hours to charge fully. However the battery backup is pretty good.

5. The overall weight of the device is about 183 grams which is not a big problem, but when it is for a huge display phone its feels very bulky.

6. No any infrared sensor which could have been used for wireless control of home appliances like TV, AC etc.

7. And the last but not the least HTC Desire 828 issue is that it does not support HDMI or MHL TV-Out cable. Sure the USB OTG works fine, but OTG is meant only for data transfer.The HDMI support problem could have been fixed with a USB Type-C reversible connector.

My Verdict: Nonetheless it is a very good smartphone which has a very good primary camera. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone that supports NFC then follow the link below.



Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any HTC Desire 828 lagging or hanging issues or problems?

– Technically speaking there is no any kind of lags or hangs whatsoever.

Is there any viewing angle issues with the display?

– No, it is fine like many other mid range smartphones.

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  1. HI, I am using HTC desire 828. I’m unable to view messages. I get notification when i get message and when enter into inbox i can see the number form whom i got sms. When i go to read the sms mothing is visible.
    Even previous sms have been dissappeared.

  2. How abt battery backup when playing games & for internet useage

    Redmi note 3 vs Htc 828
    Wat is da best option forgot abt price…
    Plz reply me fast

  3. HTC desire 828 is third class phone.I have purchased it on 4th June-2016 & it started creating problem within 2 months. Overheating, fast drainage of battery & getting automatically switched off are the common problems of this mobile. After getting switched off, it shows message android is updating & which took almost 15 minutes.
    I would suggest not to buy this phone as it is shear waste of money considering the cost of 19000/- plus.

  4. It’s a very bad phone from htc. Please don’t buy it..
    Battery is big time issue. Phone is getting switched off even battery is 80%.

  5. I buy 3 months before 828 model….one month before switch off..again cannot on phone….repair phone company…..now screen problem….ouarter screen not well…what I do…..

  6. Bought my phone like 5 months ago, noticed problems at month 2, now my phone just died 🙂 After 5 months. A bad, bad phone considering it’s lifespan and battery, but a good phone if you want to head your hands during winter! 😀 Also a good photography phone. NOT RECOMMENDING THIS PHONE!

  7. I have buyed mY phone 1 year ago n it’s like waste of money for me 4 times my phone have went to HTC service center n they have always made me crazy when ever I visit they always put all my phone problems on me without my mistakes after buying my phone on the 12 day my phone display was flicking n there were like u might have drop the phone but not even a single scratch was there on my phone still they blame me eg speak problem
    Battery drain in 15min 100 to 0
    Display issue
    Otg issue
    Phone become heaver then befor
    Sim slot not working
    All this issue I faced several tim after buying my phone in warranty I did them but now after repair inn several tim my warranty is over still I face same issue after repair it in HTC Service station only n I’m not the only one there r many people complain Sam as I did so people htc v pay u for somthing atlest don’t cheat the people

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