Benchmarks Review of Xolo Black

The benchmarks review of the Xolo Black has been tested with three different applications.

1) AnTuTu Benchmarks: The AnTuTu Benchmark is giving a score of 30807, which I believe it is decent for a low mid budget phone. However let me tell you that it is a 64 bit CPU, so my expectation is a little bit higher.



Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 2.29.19 PM
AnTuTu Benchmarks

2) Quadrant Benchmarks: The Quadrant Benchmarks is showing a score of 23017 for the Xolo Black.

Quadrant Benchmarks
Quadrant Benchmarks

3) NenaMark2: Now for gaming the NenaMark2 gives a score of 54.1 fps.

NenaMark2 Benchmarks



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