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Many you-tubers ask questions to professional you-tubers about which camera they use for making their videos, and I have seen that many professional you-tubers doesn’t share those information with them. So, you move from blogs (articles) to vlogs (videos) searching for the right camera that you want to purchase for your project for making professional video films, but you haven’t got the slightest idea that how to choose one.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 1.23.15 PMMany of the you-tubers make their videos at least 1080p quality and some up to the highest 4K quality, but in today’s market of high quality camera saturated world you need not to worry because many in fact all of the standalone (cameras not in smartphone or laptops) can shoot videos at least 1080p.

Ok, I have wasted too much in Bla bla bla. You have landed to my page to learn what are the best cameras for making YouTube videos that you can possibly like and buy. Below are the 10(ten) best cameras for making professional style YouTube videos with a reasonable price which I believe it will be really come under your budget.

Lists of 5 best cameras for making YouTube videos

Note: It is important to note that the lists below are neither in the order of preference nor in the order of price (the number 1 does not mean it is the best, it is just for numbering). I am also not mentioning the exact price because price of commercial stuffs changes very fast over time.

1) Sony HDR-CX100: This camera is specifically designed for video shoot. It can shoot videos up to 1920 x 1080 HD quality to its 8GB built-in flash memory. It has optical zoom of 10x and digital zoom of 120x. Some extra features of this camera are smile detection, HDMI support, extremely compact which easily fits in one hand and also it can take photos while filming. The optical zoom is only 10x while the digital zoom is up to 120x.

2) Kodak SP1: The price of this Kodak is only a third of the price of a Go Pro. I have included this action camera in my list because of the features that it has. First it is a water proof, then shock proof, freeze proof and finally dust proof. It is really one of the toughest camera that I have seen. It can shoot videos up to 1080p quality and I have seen that many users are comparing it with the Go Pro because of the ability to keep its focus on track while in action. The only thing that users have complained is the weight of the camera, which makes unpleasant if you mount the cam on your hear or helmet for too long.

3) Panasonic HC-V550K: First the price of this camera is really jaw dropping because it is NFC enabled with Wi-Fi connect which you can connect it to your mobile phone or television directly, second is the Mega zoom range which covers from 28mm to 1400mm wide, the optical zoom up to 90x, FULL HD recording, the 3.0 inch LCD touch screen and more. This camera will really help taking shots of long distance objects especially when you cannot reach near them.

4) Sony HDR PJ670 PJ: Now this is a little on the expensive side, with which you can directly broadcast LIVE using UstreamĀ®4 live-streaming. The camera has also an inbuilt projector which is attached on the back side of the the LCD display. Some additional features are built-in USB cable for easy file transfer or charge, 5.1 channel surround microphone with manual audio controls, 32GB embedded flash memory and much more.

5) GoPro HERO 4: First would like to tell you that it has the ability to shoot videos up to 4K quality. I have, and had to include from the GoPro because some of you might be also interested in making and sharing action films on YouTube. At present there is no any other consumer brand that outperforms the GoPro for action films. The Hero 4 is really a small and compact camera which you can mount it on every places you can possibly think of. With it you can make super slow motion videos, Control, view and share with built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and more.

Now after purchasing your beloved camera some of you might be thinking thatĀ  you are done, ready to shoot and make some professional like looking videos, well it not. You will need to invest a little bit more in a couple of extra stuffs like tripod and microphone and all which will really make you easy and convenient to make great videos.

So those are the five best budget cameras that you can possibly get all under $600. If you an other suggestion, kindly do share with us in the comment section below.

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