Cash Reward for Gearbest APP users

This article is about Gearbest Daily Cash Reward exclusively for APP users.

Below are the rules for participating in the program:

1. The first is to find some cash in your money bag which Gearbest will apply.

2. Now to collect the cash you will need friends to help you out. So what you need to do is send and share an invitation to your friends about the reward promotion. The more you share the more you earn.

3. When your invitation to your friends to Gearbest is successful you will be able to collect the remaining cash more efficiently.

4. After collecting all the cash in your money bag, you will be able to withdraw it to spend at

5. However if any cash in you moneybag is uncollected then it will automatically expire within 72 hours. So don’t forget to collect all of them. In case if you want to restart a money bag you can do so any time even after the expiration date, but it will be a new money bag.

6. All users will have 15 withdrawal opportunities in total which includes the one daily withdrawal. Plus each user has a total of three collection opportunities which can be up to two times per day.

7. Although the cash is always calculated in US Dollars (USD), in some countries it may appear in your local currency but after real time conversion.


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