15 Pros and Cons of DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike Review (Explained)

In depth review of F - wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike (Pros and Cons)

This article is about the F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike Review with Pros and Cons.

One thing is inevitable which is that oil will end. So to cope with the situation many brands has been in the business of electric bikes and cars. Today I am going to talk about a product which is an electric bike from F – Wheel. Its a Chinese brand and has been selling a good number of units ever since its launch. So without any delay lets review the DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike with pros and cons.


Below are the lists of F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

Disk brake of F - wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike

Reasons to Buy F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike (Pros and Advantages):

1. The material of the frame is aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It can easily lift up to a maximum weight of 120 Kg. I guess you are well below 120 Kg.

2. For maximum comfortable it has three riding modes. They are manual power, electric power and electric moped power. Many would use the first one when there is absolutely no charge left, technically you will be pedaling. The second one is 100% controlled by the electric motor, and the third is for mixed usage of pedal and electric motor.

250 watt electric motor

3. Yes you can fold the product to a smaller form factor to comfortably hold and carry around. Thanks to the light weight aluminium alloy.


4. Next advantages of F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike is the motor which has a 250W power. It is powerful enough to lift up to a maximum weight of 120 Kg.

Tyre is inflatable

5. The one charge you will get a maximum mileage of 20 km in pure electric mode. In moped mode where occasionally you will have to use the pedal will give a mileage of 45 km.

Front light is induction

6. Another is the speed which it can travel up to 30 km per hour. You can adjust the speed through the smartphone app.

7. The tyre is inflatable, means there is no air inside. Its a good thing as it won’t have any problems ever with the tyre.

mileage is 20 km

8. The battery has protection from over-voltage, overcharge, over-discharge, wastage, current-limit, over-current, short-circuit and temperature anomaly.

9. The maximum gradeability it can overcome is up to 25 degrees. I am talking about the bump that the bike roll over.


10. For maximum security it has a smart app that can be used to lock and unlock the bike through a password. It also has an anti-theft protection feature which lets you know through a notification that the bike has been moved.

smart locking through app

11. Another F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike pros is that it has a very good braking system. On both the wheels it has a disc brake which can stop it within a few yards.

Controls of F - wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike

12. On both the handles it comes with easy controls. On the left it has horn and front light, on the right it has right it has accelerator and display screen.

Brake light

13. On the front it has an induction headlamp (electrodeless lamp). On the rear it has a brake light.

Can be folded

14. The overall weight of the bike is only 14 kg which is comfortable enough to lift with one hand and carry over the stairs.

Electric bike weights 14 grams

Reasons Not to Buy F – wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The 5.2 Ah (5200 mAh) battery capacity is a little bit on the smaller side. I am complaining because there are other electric bikes which has a battery capacity of 10 Ah (10000 mAh). Follow this link for an electric bike which has 10000 mAh at around the same price tag.

My Verdict: Other than small battery capacity its a great product. However if you are looking for a better alternative then follow the link below.


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