10 Pros & Cons of Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Elephone ELe - Box Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Speaker Review

This article is about the Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker Pros and Cons Review.

If you are looking for the best cheapest bluetooth speaker then your search ends with this one. Elephone is not a mediocre brand, they make premium products and sell at a very low price by reducing their profit margin. Now lets review the Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker with some advantages and disadvantages.


Below are the lists of Elephone ELe – Box Wireless Speaker advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

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Reasons to Buy Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker (Pros and Advantages):

1.The first is that its a 5W wireless speaker which is fairly loud for a mid size room of 15×15 feet. The maximum output sound in decibel is 80dB.

2. The wireless feature is supported through Bluetooth 4.1 which consumes very low power compared to the 4.0 version.

3. You can connect to smartphones and make or receive phone calls hands free.

4. Next Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker pros is that it supports AUX audio which is a good thing as it can connect to many other devices.

5. Apart from that USB connector is also available, and yes its the micro USB one.


6. The battery capacity is of 1000 mAh which can give you a continuous playback time of 3 hours in full sound. If you play audio at the level of smartphones then it can provide up to 6 hours.

7. The impedance of the speaker is 3 ohm which is really high for a small wireless device that draws power internally.

8. The overall weight of the speaker is only 178 grams. Its very light without any compromise in sound and ultra-portable like a smartphone.

9. The entire body is made out of stainless steel casting which is very very premium. Its in fact better than aluminum metal.

Reasons Not to Buy Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The only Elephone ELe – Box Bluetooth Speaker cons or downside I find is that its not a stereo speaker but a mono one. But at the price what we are getting is insanely good.

My Verdict: The best cheapest bluetooth speaker. In case if you are looking to get it at a very low price then follow the link below.


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