11 Pros and 2 Cons of Elephone P9000 [REVIEW]

Pros and Cons of Elephone P9000 (Review)

This article is about the Elephone P9000 Phablet Pros and Cons Review.

This is the flagship smartphone from Elephone. Every once in a while a new Chinese smartphone brands appears and go away like a ghost, but Elephone is here to stay as they are rolling out great devices like its major counterparts brands. Considering the price tag of the newly launched Elephone P9000 4G Phablet it worth’s more and you will know why I am saying that below. But like as always there are some cons which makes the consumers think twice before going with it, and this happens even with major brands like Apple, Samsung and others. So, I have decided to make the title of the article as Elephone P9000 4G Phablet Pros and Cons. However it is important to note that the review is not based on personal taste or choices but based on facts.


Below are the lists of Elephone P9000 4G Phablet Pros and Cons. Yes, you can also consider them as advantages and disadvantages.

Elephone P9000 Design

Reasons to Buy Elephone P9000 (Pros or Advantages):

1. The first impression that will probably come to you attention is the display, not in terms of resolutions but in terms of quality. It already comes with a full HD which has a resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels, so no complain on that, asking a 2K display would be like asking for a Ferrari like headlamps in a Toyota (no offense to Toyota owners). The display is one of the best that is fitted on to a smartphone this cheap. It is made by LG which is a LTPS OGS LCD. LTPS stands for Low Temperature Poly-Silicon and OGS for One Glass Solution. You know what the former does, it basically produces less heat compared to others. The later is a technology that reduces thickness between the touch panel and the display by removing one of the layers of glass from the traditional capacitive stack. The viewing angles are pretty great with fantastic levels in contrast, brightness, saturation and colors. Nothing is too much or too less, its just a perfect display with great accuracy.

Elephone P9000 Display2. Next Elephone P9000 4G Phablet pros is that the bezel is so thin that it barely exists on its sides with 1.6 mm. And as a result of this extremely thin bezels it makes one of the largest screen-to-body ratio on a smartphone which covers 82% on the front panel. Apart form that the micro arc carved surface with metal frame provides an aesthetic view in terms of design.

3. The smartphone is powered by a 2.0 GHz Octa-core chipset which is a Helio P10 chipset from Mediatek. Yes its a 64-bit CPU which has been coupled with an insane 4 GB of RAM. The graphics is powered by Mali T860MP2 which runs many of the high end games smoothly without any lags or frame drops what so ever in normal mode. There is no any heating issues or problems even when high end games are played for more than 1 hour.

Elephone P9000 Processor4. Another thing I really like about the device is the number of languages that it supports. To be specific it supports 45 languages and here are the lists. Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Serb, Ukrainian, Armenian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Korean, Burmese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

5. Next is the primary camera which is a SONY IMX258 13Mega-Pixel CMOS sensor. The focusing speed is pretty fast which is powered by laser auto-focus technology. The focal aperture is of f/2.0 which is large enough to produce decent quality images even in low light conditions. Near the camera lens on the back it sports a dual tone LED flash which produces different color temperature.

Elephone P9000 Camera6. Yes, it comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) feature for wireless payments and quick transfer of data.

7. The device does comes with a USB Type-C reversible connector which allows to transfer files at a very high speed compared to a regular micro-USB.

Elephone P9000 NFC feature8. The sensors that comes embedded are gravity sensor, pedometer sensor, ambient light sensor, hall sensor, gyroscope, breath LED and eCompass. Pedometer sensor is the technical term for step counter and breath LED for LED notification light.

Elephone P9000 Fingerprint scanner9. Another Elephone P9000 pros is that it supports gestures. Like if you want to open the camera app you just need to type C on the display. It can be customized differently for different apps, like for message you can set it to either M or whatever alphabets of your choice. The best part is that it works even from the lock screen.

10. The operating is the Android Marshmallow v6.0 without any kind of bloatwares or unnecessary third-party apps. The user interface is very clean and it looks exactly like Stock Android.

Elephone P9000 Android Marshmallow11. And the last Elephone P9000 pros is the support of fast battery charging technology and wireless charging. With fast charging it can charge to 100% under 70 minutes which is fairly quick. But the impressive part is the wireless charging, how on earth they are providing that. As of today only a very very few smartphones does comes with a wireless charging feature.

Elephone P9000 Fast Charging with USB Type-C


Reasons Not to Buy Elephone P9000 (Cons, Disadvantages, Problems and Issues):

1. The first Elephone P9000 4G Phablet cons or demerits is that the 3000 mAh battery is a low, not very low but bit low especially when the display is a large 5.5 inch full HD panel. However the fast charging features solves the problems to a huge extent.

2. And the last Elephone P9000 cons or disadvantages is that only one capacitive touch buttons is placed below the screen for navigation. With one touch it will return you your previous activity, two touch will take you to the main user interface or home screen and a long touch will show the lists of recent tasks or opened apps. Its like an iPhone. I personally find it a bit difficult to navigate with just one button, but as time goes by it will surely be easy to use.

My Verdict: Its an unnoticed jewel with great specs and features and above all great price. To get it at the cheapest possible price follow the link below.


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  1. I bought one.
    A couple of weeks later I had to buy a working phone.
    It has costed me money, time and nerves.
    This phone is rubbish so like the company.

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