[Black Friday] Deals and Offers on GearBest

Black Friday Gearbest Offers

This article is about the Gearbest Black Friday Offers and Deals.

Gearbest is launching their most aggressive Black Friday promo for this year with loads of offers from product deals to game play. They have divided into four sections and below are the names and timelines of the Gearbest Black Friday promo for 2016.


Preheating: Starts from 21st and ends on 24th November.

Formal: Starts from 24th and ends on 28th November.

Cyber Monday: Starts from 28th and ends on 29th November.

Reloaded: Starts from 29th and ends on 5th of December.

There are three highlights on the promo:

1. PayPal: During 24th and 28th if you purchase anything worth more than $50 and make payment through PayPal you will get a discount which will be randomly selected among the first 10,000 customers.

2. Coupon: You can select the coupon which is already present in your account, plus you can also copy the coupon and stick-up.

3. Game: From 24th and 28th of November play games and win points to ultimately get products for absolutely free. Below are the details on the points and products that you can win.

a) 600 points will earn you a smartphone ranging from $100 to $200. In total there are 5 pieces.

b) 500 points will earn you a band ranging from $10 to $50. Total there are 25 pieces.

c) 400 points will earn you a T-shirt which are priced at $20 and total there are 50 pieces.

d) 350 points will get you an accessory which has a price range of $0.1 to $3. Total there are 1000 pieces.

e) 200 points will earn you 30 GearBest points and those will be for 10,000 customers.


Rules of the Gearbest Game to play:

a) Click the button “START GAME” for Game Points of +10.

b) Only one time will give you the game points after clicking on the “START GAME”.

c) Share your Game Link on social media, invite you friends to click the button for more Game Points. However note that only the first 30 clicks will be counter.

d) See the Fantastic Helpers List for points earned from each friend.

e) If you claim any free prize the game will be ended. Only one prize is allowed to claim.

f) Different Points correspond to a different Free Prize. For more information check game guidelines.

g) The exact start time of the game is November 24th 9:00 UTC and ends on November 29th 9:00 UTC.

h) Also don’t forget to collect you free prize before December 31.

i) Gearbest always reserves the right to amend the rules of the games anytime.


Some of the electronic gadgets that are under huge discounts:

1. Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop: Normally priced at $539 during this Gearbest Black Friday you can get it at just $499 with coupon code “XIAOMIAIR12”.


2. CHUWI Hi10 Pro 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC: Buy it at a discounted rate of $149 as after this sale period gets over it will be again priced at $187. Apply this “Hi10 Pro” coupon to get the product at the discounted rate.

3. Beelink GT1 TV Box: Normal price is $54.99 and under flash sale it is at $53.99 price.

4. SCISHION V88 TV Box: Discounted price is $21.99 and regular price is $22.99, so get it now before it ran out of stock.

5. Alfawise S92 TV Box: With coupon code “ALS92” get it at $52 or else pay $49 after this Black Friday gets over.

6. MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Now its $42.99 and it will be again back to $43.99 after this Black Friday deals gets over.

7. NeeCoo Bluetooth V4.0 Dual SIM Card Adapter: Purchase at $26.99 now or at $27.99 after the flash sale ends.

8. Yotaphone 2: Heavily discounted at $119 its a great deal compared to the $135 normal price.

9. Xiaomi Mi 5: Under flash sale it is priced at $259, otherwise it would be $270.


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