Gearbest Epic Price Meltdown for Indian consumers

This article is about the Gearbest Epic Price Meltdown for Indian consumers.

There are tons of products and mostly all of them are sold at a very good price. For instance you can get products in categories like automobiles, electrical tools, outdoor sports, home, garden, toys, hobbies, LED Gadgets, and many others.

Actually there are two promotion, another is the Summer Saver Series. In this section you will products like Thermometer, Toothbrush, Electric shaver, wristwatch, earphones, backpacks, etc.



Below I have shared some of the products that are under offers:

1. SOOCAS X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush:

Its an IPX7 rated waterproof electric tooth brush which has features like Bluetooth, Wireless charging, large 1000 mAh battery, etc. Currently the product is sold at a very good price of $39.99 only.

2. Xiaomi Mijia MJTXD01SKS Shaving Electric Shaver:

Priced at $37.99 its a 360 degree float electric shaver which has 3D floating razor head. And yes it is waterproof, however its not recommended to submerge it in water directly. You can also use it in dry conditions. With one charge it can run up to 60 minutes. However the charging time is a bit longer which is of 2 hours.


3. Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer:

Next up is a thermometer from the same brand which is Xiaomi. Its not anything like your normal thermometer, its a smart one. Some of the main features are non-contact infrared technology, insanely fast 1 second sensing, LED display etc. The product weights just 90 grams. Under offer it is being sold on Gearbest for just $19.99 only.

4. ZIQIAO Navigation HUD Display:

This is a heads-up display for cars that allows drivers to view details like navigation, maps, etc. The main objective is to let drivers drive without distractions. And yes it needs to be paired with your smartphones. Priced at $15.10 its probably one of the cheapest navigation HUD in the market right now.


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