Gearbest Flash Sale from Best Seller Brands

This article is about the Gearbest Flash Sale from their Best Seller Brands.

Gearbest is back with their latest promotion where tons of products will be under lightning flash sale. All the products are from major brands like Xiaomi, Vernee, Anet, KZ, ILIVE, MECOOL, Teclast and Elephone. This is a limited time offer which starts from 10th May and will last till 22nd May. To be specific the flash sale is divided into two periods and for that read down below.


Below are the lists of products that falls under the Gearbest promotional offers with their time frame:

First Promotion Period: 10th to 15th May.



a) Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: Normally it is sold not less than $199, however during this flash sale it is available to buy for less than $169. If you are looking for a budget smartphone then look no further than this one. Snapdragon 625, 5.5 inch full HD screen, fingerprint scanner, Android Marshmallow and lots of sensors make deice a very premium one for a lot less price.

b) Xiaomi Mi 6: Gearbest has also taken care of flagships lover for they are offering the Mi 6 at the lowest price on the entire internet. The discounted price is $469 which has been lowered form $587. Engine is the Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal, Splash resistant, etc.

c) Xiaomi Mijia Sign Pen: Regular price is $4.29 and it has been lowered to $2.69. The entire body is made out of metal which is very premium and elegant as well. The overall weight of the product is only 20 grams. The ball of the nib is 0.5 which is neither thick not too pointed.



a) Vernee Apollo: If you think Xiaomi Mi 6 is out of your budget and still looking for a flagship like smartphone then this Vernee Apollo might be a good option. It has 2K display which you find on the Mi 6 and still it costs less than that. The current selling price which is during the sale period is $249. After that it will be no less than $340.

b) Vernee Apollo X: It is powered by Helio X20 which as Android Marshmallow, Type-C reversible connector, dozens of sensors, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and all that costs less than $179. The regular price is $251.

c) Vernee Thor: This is a low budget smartphone but don’t get discouraged as it has been packed with lots of stuffs like it is powered the Android Nougat, 5 inch screen, 3 GB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, etc. The price is the best part which is only $99. After this discount offer period gets over it will be sold for no less than $143.

Anet 3D Printers:


There are tons of 3D printer brands but the most reliable are the ones where there is a large community of users. And Anet has that, the are many website and YouTube channels which are specialized in Anet printers. The printers are easy to assemble and above all they are sold at a very good price. During the Gearbest promotion there are three printers which I recommends, the A8, A2 and A2 Plus.

KZ Pure Audio:


KZ an international audio products manufacturer has also taken part in the flash sale. Some of the products that are under offers are KZ ZST Wired On-Cord Control, KZ ZST Dynamic HiFi Bass Music Sport, KZ ZS3 Detachable Design HiFi, etc. All are available to purchase for less than $10.99.


Second Promotion Period: 15th to 22nd May.

ILIFE Home Tech:


From ILIFE I would like to recommend you the vacuum cleaners. The models are V7 Super Mute, V5 Pro and X5. They costs between $143 and $119. And yes all of them are fully intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner which requires no human interaction.



As smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper smart TV boxes are also getting cheap. To participate in the lightning deals MECOOL has lowered all the prices of their products. The three models that I would like to recommend you are BB2 Pro, M8S Pro and Kill Pro Internet.

Teclast Tablets:


If you are looking for tablets from China then Teclast is a very good option. They have a wide variety of models but their best three are X80 Pro, Tbook 16 Power and Tbook 10 S. All of them are tablet PC, means you can either use it as a tablet or a full size tablet. Some of them runs both Windows 10 and Android Marshmallow. Price ranges from $116 which goes to a max of $400.



a) Elephone S7: At $179 it is a very sweet deal as they are never priced less than $265. The device is powered by Helio X20 which is a deca-core CPU, 5.5 inch full HD edge to edge screen, fingerprint scanner, 4 GB RAM, Android Marshmallow, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and fast battery charging.

b) Elephone S7 Mini: It is an under-powered model of the original S7 variant. Changes has been applied to the RAM which has now 2 GB, 32 GB internal, 5.2 inch screen and 1.5 GHz CPU. Other areas remains the same. Oh by the way the price is also different, its is now sold at $139 only.

c) Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite: GoPro are damn expensive and that is where brands like Elephone comes into play. The product I want to recommend is the Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite which can record videos in 4K resolution and yes it is an action camera. The price is substantially less than that of GoPro, to be specific it costs only $62.


There is a very high chance for the products to be out of stock very soon. I request you to order as soon as you can.


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