Gearbest turn 3 and you are invited in the anniversary celebration

Finally Gearbest reached its 3rd Anniversary milestone and to celebrate in full glory everybody is invited to join in the party. There are tons of events which to start from March 9 and will last till March 20 as official and will further extend.


Below are the specific dates and times of all the events which you are invited to join:

1. The Main Event: It has been further divided into three other vents.

a) Preheat: Starts from March 9 @ 07:30 – March 14 @ 14:30 (IST)

b) 3rd Anniversary Event: March 14 @ 14:30 – March 18 @ 14:30 (IST)

c) After-Party Encore: Starts from March 20 @ 07:30 (IST)

2. Lightning Flash Deals:

Everyday at 21:30 Gearbest will provide eight killer products at an insanely low price. It will start from 9th and will last till 20th of March. So don’t forget to join the deals party.


3. Special Lottery Games: Participate in the GearBest Lucky Draw without paying anything for tickets. Everyone is free to join and see how your luck plays to win some big prizes. So participate, don’t just sit around, you have got nothing to loose. By the way you have got 3 FREE DRAWS to play with.


Also there is one more game called the Birthday Cake Game where you will have to collect 8 birthday candles and will prizes.


4. Lucky Bag:

This is a very interesting one where you buy one bag and get many products which are all stuffed inside one bag. The products you get are always worth more than what you are paying, its always a win win situation for you. However do remember that you will not know what’s inside the bag until you open it.

5. Add-Ons:

If your orders is above $60, pay just $3.33 for an extra add-on item. This way you can save a lot on the add-on. So first make sure your order value is above $60 and add the Add-On item for $3.33 only.

6: The GB Live Show:

This is a webcast where GearBest will broadcast many deals live. You the users can watch and vote for the best. During the show Gearbest will also share coupons, so don’t forget to join in the show.

7. Anniversary Coupon Monsoon:

And beyond this anniversary Gearbest will start its Spring Sale Storm with tons of coupons and deals from all the major brands.


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