15 Pros and Cons of GPD Pocket Laptop (REVIEW)

Review of GPD Pocket Laptop (Advantages and Disadvantages)

This article is about the GPD Pocket Laptop Pros and Cons Review.

Here is a very small notebook which by size is just a little bigger than your largest smartphone. Let me tell you that it is a crowd-funded project which happened on the kick starter website Indiegogo. On paper the specification looks very appealing. There are many reason why you should consider buying it and there are also some cons as well. So without any further ado lets review the GPD Pocket Mini Laptop with Advantages and Disadvantages.


Below are the lists of GPD Pocket Mini Laptop advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

Intel Atom CPU

Reasons to Buy GPD Pocket Laptop (Pros and Advantages):

1. The first is the design which is very very cute. The entire body has been casted out of high grade alloy of magnesium. This is something many of us have dream for our laptops to become, but they became tablets with no keyboards. Anyway, as I have been saying design is the first thing you will notice. The entire edges has been trimmed to perfection. It reminds me the Apple Macbook laptops. The length is 182 mm, breadth is 109 mm and the thickness is 19.9 mm. The product weight is 503 grams which is lighter obviously than all the notebooks of the entire world.

2. Next GPD Pocket Laptop pros is the display which comes with a 7 inch panel. The resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, means its a full HD display. However the best part is that its a touch screen which supports fingers up to 5 points. Viewing angles are decent, contrast, hue and saturation are good. It is also comfortable for outdoor viewing without much of reflections.

Keyboard with joystick

3. Now lets dive into the main part, the heart. Its the Intel Atom X7-Z8750 processor which has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. Let me remind that it the CPU does not over-clock as there is no Turbo Boost technology with it. The chipset is quad-core which comes with an integrated GPU, the Intel HD Graphics. As the laptop is smaller in size and particularly due to the full metallic body it has the ability to conduct heat. What I am trying to say is that you will fell a little warmer under high graphic intensive game-play. There are two air vents, one on the bottom and the other on the left edge.


8 GB RAM as peimary memory

4. Another reason to buy is for the RAM that it has for multitasking. Out of the box it has 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM which cannot be expanded in anyway, its embedded into the mother board. Out of 8 GB it has about 5.8 GB left for the user for running applications.

USB Type - C connector of GPD Pocket Laptop

5. The internal memory is of 128 GB which now it seems like a normal laptop. As it is an EMMC memory type and not hard disk it is relatively much faster than the later. However you won’t be able to expand any way.

6. Speaking of applications you can install and run any Windows software that you regularly do on your large laptop. Currently the operating system is Windows 10, you can also downgrade to the earlier version of Windows. MS Office works flawlessly. Plus you can even install the 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

OS with Windowx 10 or Ubuntu 16.04

7. It comes with a full size keyboard with all the important keys. Like Macbook it does not have the numeric keypad. The function keys are also included with brightness and audio control.

GPD Pocket Laptop edges

8. Rather than embedding with the regular USB 2.0 it comes with USB 3.0 which is much much faster than the later.

9. It has a micro HDMI slot which serves for connecting to a larger screen like projector or monitors.

Weights only 500 grams

10. Well, it also has a USB Type-C reversible connector. It is definitely required as the only one USB 3.0 port will not suffice in case when you need more input-output devices. Means the Type C interface can be infinitely expanded with peripherals. Connect external 4G network interface card, memory card slot, etc. This is also the port which happens charging.

Magnesium alloy

11. Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi are the wireless features.

12. And the last GPD Pocket Laptop advantages is for the battery capacity which has been shipped with 7000 mAh. Considering the size its very very large for a laptop as many notebooks still don’t have more than 5000 mAh. If you use the device like a smartphone then it will provide a day of usage. But under normal circumstances users won’t use like a smartphone, so naturally it will last more than a couple of days. Recharging takes about 3 hours which is decently quick.

Secondary memory of GPD Pocket Laptop is 128 GB

Reasons Not to Buy GPD Pocket Laptop (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The first disadvantages or cons is that all the ports four ports including the 3.5 mm headphone jack are on the right side. It looks cluttered when all the ports are connected and sometimes you may not be able to connect all of them.

Ports interface

2. Another cons is for the RJ45 connector which is absent. I am not trying to complain but I am just saying its hasn’t been able to 100% become an ultra portable laptop.

3. There is no track pad which is inevitable because of space constraint. However to deal with the problem it has a joystick and a right and left click. Its comfortable, in fact much better than Lenovo Thinkpad joysticks.

My Verdict: Specs are very very good without any compromise in features. However if you are looking to get it at a very low price then follow the link below.


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