Gyroscope, Infrared (IR) sensor & Compass with Realme 3 Pro

Gyroscope, Infrared (IR) sensor & Compass with Realme 3 Pro

This article is about the availability of Compass, Gyroscope and Infrared (IR) sensor with Realme 3 Pro.

Smartphones are getting better and better but how much is the question. I am saying so because brands are tying to omit some important sensors. For instance does the Realme 3 Pro has infrared sensor, gyroscope and compass. For that proceed below.

Compass, gyroscope and infrared sensor with Realme 3 Pro width=

* Does the Realme 3 Pro have gyroscope sensor?

– Yes, gyroscope sensor is present.
Gyroscope sensor with Realme 3 Pro

* Is there FM radio?

– Yes, FM radio is present.

* Does it have Iris scanner or also known as Retina scanner or eye scanner?

– It does not have iris scanner.

* What is the version of Bluetooth?

– Realme 3 Pro has Bluetooth version 5.0.


* Does the Realme 3 Pro has an infrared sensor or IR sensor for wireless remote control of TV, AC, etc.?

– No, the smartphone does not have infrared sensor.
IR sensor

* What about accelerometer?

– Accelerometer is also present

* Does it have proximity sensor?

– Yes, it comes with proximity sensor.

* What about magnetometer?

– Yes, it does have magnetometer.

* Does the Realme 3 Pro have compass (ecompass)?

– Yes, it does have compass.
Compass with Realme 3 Pro



My Verdict: The selling price of the smartphone is very very good when compared with the specifications of the device. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.

Brief Specs and Features of the Smartphone:

Display:– Comes with Full HD+ resolution for the 6.3 inch panel

Engine:– CPU is of 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 710 (System on Chip)

RAM:– 6 GB

Internal Memory:– 128 GB of secondary memory

GPU:– Adreno 616 Graphics for gaming

Camera:– Front is of 25 megapixels and back is 16 megapixels

Operating System:– Pre-installed OS is Oreo

USB Port:– Standard micro USB

Battery Capacity:– Its rated 4045 mAh capacity

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