18 Pros and Cons of HOMTOM S8 Review (Explained in Details)

In Depth Review of HOMTOM S8 (Pros and Cons)

This article is about the HOMTOM S8 Review with Pros and Cons.

Finally HOMTOM has announced the long awaited smartphone which has a display aspect ratio of 18:9 without making it a bulky. The S8 is a direct copy of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 interns of the display. Currently is available for $189.99 in majority of the online stores. On paper the specifications looks pretty good with no any major problems or issues. Now I have published this post is to talk about the product in a bit details. So lets review the HOMTOM S8 with pros and cons.


Below are the lists of HOMTOM S8 advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

HOMTOM S8 has 18:9 aspect ratio

Reasons to Buy HOMTOM S8 (Pros and Advantages):


1. First lets talk about the screen it self as it is the number one reason for why many would be purchasing for. It comes with a relatively larger screen size of 5.7 inch than the standard 5.5 inch display. Resolution is 720×1440 pixels which is a pretty strange as its in between HD and full HD. HOMTOM says its HD+ which has a pixel density of 282 ppi (pixels per inch). The aspect ratio of the screen is 18:9 which is essentially a 2:1 ratio. I don’t understand why they are calling it a 18:9. Anyway the screen stretches very wide to both the sides. Its so wide that the screen to body ratio of the device is 83% which is pretty high. The design of the glass on top of the screen is a 2.5D curve glass. The quality of the screen is very good with great colors, contrast, saturation and brightness. The viewing angles is also awesome without any shift in colors and saturation.

Wide display


2. Under the hood it has a very powerful chipset from Mediatek. Its the MT6750T which has a 1.5 GHz Octa-core processor based on Cortex A53. It has the ability to handle any level of processing without any lags or problems. At this range it is one of the best processor it is equipped with. You also will not experience any heating issues even after using the device for a long time.



3. Next advantages of HOMTOM S8 is that for gaming it has a very good GPU. Its the Mali-T860 MP2 which has a clock speed of 700 MHz. With Nenamark benchmark test it scored 59.2 fps (frames per second) as the maximum number of frames speed while playing games. It can run many of the graphic intensive games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern combat 5: Blackout, Dead space, etc. You will no any noticeable lags or frame drops.

SIM slot


4. The multitasking part is handled by 4 GB RAM from Samsung. When you boot the device for the first time it will have around 2.1 GB left.

5. For storing files and installing applications it comes with 64 GB ROM as its internal memory. Yes, its from Samsung as well. Out of the 64 GB it has 55 GB left for the user. With a micro SD card slot the memory can be increased up to 128 GB.

64 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM


6. Dual setup camera is now a trend and this smartphone is nowhere behind. It has a dual setup primary camera of 16 megapixels and 5 megapixels sensor. A combination that helps in increasing the dynamic range and also to perform better in low light conditions which essentially produces good image quality. Like the RAM and internal memory which are from Samsung, all the camera sensors are from Sony. f/2.0 is the focal aperture of the primary lens. On the front end the camera is a 13 megapixel sensor with added beauty effect but without any exaggeration. On the rear there is a two tone LED flash for dealing with low lightning conditions. The maximum video resolution is 1080p at 30 fps (frames per second).

Dual tone LED flash for the back camera


7. Just exactly below the camera on the back there is a fingerprint scanner. The position is very convenient as the index fingers of both the hands automatically rests all the time. The fingerprint sensor is quite quick in responding and recognizing and unlocking the device. The maximum number of fingers that you can set as security is five.


13 megapixel secondary camera

8. Proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light for adaptive brightness and compass for turn by turn navigation with maps are all the sensor that it has.

Fingeprint scanner on the rear


9. Another HOMTOM S8 pros is the 3400 mAh battery capacity. Now some may argue that it should have about 4000 mAh, but I won’t say that unless it has a full HD screen and at least Helio chipset. Its sufficient to last more than a day for a normal user. Gamers and power users will need to charge one more time in between. But you won’t have any problem as it has comes with a 5V/2A wall charger that enables fast charging function of the battery. By the way it has an inbuilt power saving mode as well.

Dual setup camera on the back


10. It has some smart gestures for opening applications right from the lock screen. For instance C will open the default camera app, M will open message, S will open setting, etc. You also do have the provision to change them. The smartphone also has the wake up gesture by touching the display from lock screen.

HOMTOM S8 battery capacity

11. The operating system is Android Nougat version 7.0 out of the box. You will not find any bloatwares or third-party applications as it is a 100% clean stock Android software.


Screen size is 5.7 inch


12. Unlike others which comes only in a couple of colors its has four different and unique colors. They are coral blue, maple gold, arctic silver and midnight black. I personally do like the midnight black.

13. Despite a large footprint it only weights 180 grams with battery. The overall thickness of the smartphone is 7.9 mm. The length is 152 mm and breadth is 72.5 mm.

four different colors

14. And finally the last advantages is the support of USB OTG cable through the micro USB 2.0 port. It can open flash drives which can write and copy to it.


thickness is 7.9 mm

Reasons Not to Buy HOMTOM S8 (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The first cons and disadvantages of HOMTOM S8 is the body which is a composite material. Its actually a good plastic body and I am not against it but the glossy finish on the back is prone to have fine scratches. Anyway the frame along the all the sides and corners is made out of metal.

2. There is no USB Type-C reversible connector. If you really looking for a type-c supported smartphone then follow this link.

Gaming graphics is Mali T860 MP2

3. Another demerits is that it does not have a dedicated memory card slot, its a shared one. It uses up one of the SIM card slot.

4. And the last HOMTOM S8 cons or issue is that there is no dedicated navigational touch buttons. They are resided on the screen itself.

My Verdict: If you can handle the cons then its a good to go smartphone. However if you are looking for a better alternative then follow the link below.


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