How to download part of a video from YouTube and convert it to any file format online?

Are you searching for ways to:

1) download part of a song from YouTube

2) download part of a YouTube video to mp3

3) download part of a YouTube video online

4) download part of a YouTube clip

5) or any other stuffs to only download a part of it by setting your preferred start time and end time.

Boy, you have came to the right place.

To be frank, I also have faced this problem long ago. I mean, I wanted to download only a part of the content of a YouTube video. I didn’t knew then, may be no third-party software was there to do the dirty job (cutting and converting it online for download). Here in my city the internet speed is not too fast like them in Seoul, Tokyo, California, Paris, etc., so I have to download only a part of the content, especially which I like from YouTube and convert them into any downloadable media format like mp3, mp4, mov, 3gp, avi, m4a, acc, etc,. But today I have the answer how to do it.

Follow the below steps to do the job:

Note: It is real important to set the time if you want to download a part of the content from YouTube.

Step 1: First fire up your internet browser and type (or click this link).

Step 2: Next find the video URL (link) of YouTube that you wanted to convert a part of it.

Step 3: Paste the YouTube link on the Media URL to Download: field on

Step 4: Select your preferred format that you wanted the output.

Step 5: Set the start time and end time for in the Conversion Option settings.

Step 6: After that click on the Start!

Step 7: The page will then automatically redirect to the download page after finished converting.

Step 8: Finally hit the download button and boom, you are done.

On the entire internet there is only one (from my 30 seconds research) which can make you to download part of a video from YouTube

This online software also serves as an online media converter, online YouTube video converter or any other which you can convert and download from a specific time and also end to your specified time.

If you have found any other third-party software that does this kind of job, kindly do share with us in the comment section below.

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