How to recover data from a dead laptop hard drive in 7 Easy Steps

Trying to recover data from an old, unused or damaged laptop or laptop hard drive?

You’ve landed on the correct page.

Recovering data from a dead laptop or any net-book is very easy. You can do it yourself at home with just using a couple of tools. But before proceeding to the tutorial steps it is very important to note that your laptop is not dead or damaged due to the hard drive. If it is damaged due to the hard drive you will need to follow a different tutorial or I would rather say you should consult to an extremely experienced professional only to recover from the damaged hard drive. So before opening the laptop kindly make sure that your laptop problem is not because of the hard drive.

Tools and devices that you will need to open and recover the data from the hard drive of your laptop.

1) Screwdriver: If you don’t have a screw driver that fits the screws of your laptop, I recommend purchasing a multi screw driver which can drives more than 40 types of screws.

multi screw driver
Multi Screw Driver

2) Complete Package of 4 Cables: This package includes all the 4 cables that you will need.


3) Computer: Any desktop or laptop which runs a any operating system.

Kindly follow the steps below one after the other in a serial manner to open and recover the hard drive data:

Step 1: First unplug the adapter or charger and turn off the laptop or net-book. And after that remove the battery as well, because it might create some electrical hazards or short circuit the device while removing the hard drive. Prevention is better than cure.

step 1
For Step 1

Step 2: To open the hard drive, first turn your laptop upside down on a plane surface. Then try to locate the position where the hard drive is fitted before opening the cover. You can locate the exact position by searching for an imprint that is printed on the cover which is a hard drive logo that looks like a cylinder. Or in case if yours is a net book it will have just one removable cover for hard drive, RAM and etc., meaning that everything is all under the same cover.

image 11
For Step 2

Step 3: After you have exactly confirmed the location, carefully open the screws with a screwdriver. Do not force too hard on the screws or it might damage the internal discs of the hard drive which in turn you will not be able to recover the data at all.

Step 4: Remove the cover and you should be able to see the hard drive which it may or may not be inside some kind of tray or holder. The hard drive is fitted to a socket on one side. There will be some space towards the end of the hard drive on the other side. So, pull the hard drive towards the free space with your hand which will finally detach the hard drive from the laptop.

imag 12
For Step 4

Step 5: Now if you take a look at the ports of the hard drive, you will find two ports. One is for power and the other is for data. So first connect the power port of the hard drive to a an external power source with the help of a power adapter which I have mentioned on the above lists of tools.

For Step 5

Step 6: After connecting the power port, next is to connect the data port. So connect the SATA cable to the hard drive and connect the other end to the USB port of any computer where you can access the data.

Step 7: After doing all the above 6 steps correctly, you should be able to access all the data that is present inside the hard drive. That’s it, you’re done. Copy and save all the data that you wanted to any storage media that you want.

image 111
For Step 7

If are having trouble with opening or accessing the hard drive data or having trouble even connecting it to your computer, do ask question below. Our team shall respond as soon as they can.

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