How to repair your MagSafe DC cable of Macbook Adapter?

How can you replace the MagSafe cord or cable on an Apple AC adapter?

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide any repairing services for adapters if it is damaged even when it is under 6 months warranty. In fact they just replace it with a new adapter, because adapters are very complex in design which makes it quite hard to repair. Now that is all good if your adapter is damaged within 6 months since you gets a replacement from Apple. But what if your MagSafe adapter is damaged after 6 months, you might be thinking that you have got no choice but to spend $80 on a new one. Well in that case I am here to help, only if it is a cable problem.


Tools needed for repairing:

1) Replacement MagSafe cord/cable: Primarily you will need a new MagSafe cord to replace the old damaged one. If your MagSafe pin is a L-Type then choose only L-Type, because the T-Type won’t be compatible with it, and vice verse for the T-Type as well.

L-Type Cord


T-Type Cord

2) Needle Nose Pliers: Without it you will damage the adapter for it is very tough to open with any other pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

 3) Soldering Iron: It is the second most important repairing tool. It will help join the new cable inside the adapter block.

Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron

4) Solder: You will need for the Soldering Iron to solder, so get this one as well. Real Important .


5) Super glue: And lastly, you will need a super glue for the adapter brick to re join it back. Otherwise it will turn loose and might open when applying a little force.

The Original Super Glue-SGH2_1
Super Glue

Below are the steps that you will need to follow one by one to start and finish the repairing.

Step 1: First with the help of needle nose pliers put at the exact same location and apply pressure until it open just like in the image below.

For Step 1

Step 2:

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