10 Problems & Issues of Honor 5c (Cons & Disadvantages)

Problems and Issues of Huawei Honor 5c (Cons, Bugs and Demerits)

This article is about the Huawei Honor 5c Problems, Issues and Cons Review.

Just like any other device this one is doing pretty good on paper. For example it has a full HD screen, 13 megapixel camera sensor, HiSilicon Kirin 650 processor, full metallic body, Android Marshmallow, fingerprint sensor, and the lists goes on and on. Now apart prom the advantages, benefits and pros there are some which are the Huawei Honor 5c issues and problems. But before proceeding into those I would like to tell you that I am just pointing out the facts and facts only. None of them are my personal opinions.


Below are the lists of Huawei Honor 5c Problems and Issues which can be also considered as cons, demerits or disadvantages.

1. The first noticeable problem is with the graphics which is of only Mali-MP2 variant. For a phone at this price tag it should have come with at least MP3 variant. The MP2 variant usually comes with the cheapest Android devices. However this does not mean that it will be laggy or make the user experience a buggy one. Its is fairly smooth at first, but over time it will definitely start lagging after a month or so.

2. Second Huawei Honor 5c issues or cons is that out of the 2 GB RAM only 500 MB is left for the user on first boot. A mere 500 MB is even less for many games. I wonder how much pressure it would create on the processor for running a large size app.

3. Third problem or cons is that there is no NFC. Now a days it is available even with smartphones which are in fact cheaper than this.

4. There is no any dedicated navigational touch button below the screen. In fact it is a software one which is placed on the display itself. I call it as a Huawei Honor 5c cons or demerits because it uses the real estate of the screen.

5. Now apart from that it also does not have a dedicated microSD card slot. It has to be shared with one of the SIM card slot. You can either insert one SIM card and a memory card or two SIM cards with a memory card. Means either way user will always have to compromise which is another Huawei Honor 5c issues or cons.

6. The SAR Values or radiation levels for the body is below average at 0.42 W/Kg which is a good thing. However the head value is quite high at 1.12 W/Kg. In case if you have this phone and wants to know how to reduce cellphone radiations then follow this link.

7. Next demerits or problems is that there is no infrared sensor for IR Blaster. It is a feature which helps in wireless remote control of televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.


8. Another Huawei Honor 5c problems is the heating issues which is not prominent under normal use but definitely noticeable while gaming. It is not like an insane over heating problems but warmer than most smartphones.

9. It does not have a Gorilla Glass protection or any other protection like DragonTrail etc.

10. And the last but not the least Huawei Honor 5c issues or cons is the absence of fast battery charging technology. There are tons of smartphones which supports quick charge which are cheaper than these.

My Verdict: Not worth the price. So in case if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below which is way better than this device.



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  1. I have been using the 5c for a couple of months. The FM radio is unreliable. It turns on at times and doesn’t at other times.
    When the GPS is on, the device heats up big time.
    The fingerprint app security is unreliable. After a few days, the device takes 4-5 attempts to recognise the print and allow access to the apps.
    The file system is wierd, and shows up folders containing broken images and other files that might be used internally. Makes file navigation irritating.
    The default apps are not very useful and one needs to download apps that are feature rich.

  2. When a reviewer provides the link of a competitor phone intending to divert the prospective buyer of one model to another, his integrity is immediately questioned. Redmi Note 3 has its own set of issues – hardware, software and after sales related.

  3. Using or for two years :
    – Perf is more than ok
    – it has NFC
    – no IR blaster ? Seriously, who cares ?
    – works perfectly, very reliable
    As it has been said, this is not a review, this is an ad for a competitor phone.

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