Intex Cloud 4G Star Benchmarks (AnTuTu, Geekbench 3, DxOMark and more)

This article is about the benchmarks of Intex Cloud 4G Star.

As usual I did test the benchmarks in 4 departments, the camera benchmarks, the processor benchmarks, the web browser and the over all benchmarks. So, lets get straight to the details of those benchmark test of Intex Cloud 4G Star.



Below are the Benchmarks of Intex Cloud 4G Star:

1) DxOMark Camera Benchmarks: DxOMark gave the Intex Cloud 4G Star a score of 70 which is pretty low for a budget smartphone and also if you compare the camera quality it with other 13 megapixel camera, its not the quality I have expected.

2) Geekbench 3: This benchmark test is for testing the processor and memory performance of a smartphone, and the Intex Cloud 4G Star gave a benchmark score of 950 for Single-Core and 2568 for Multi-Core. I would say a decent benchmark score of Intex Cloud 4G Star from the processor.

3) Sunspider (web app) Benchmarks: Sunspider is used for testing the JavaScript performance of a web browser. The Intex Cloud 4G Star scored 443.2ms from 3d, access, bitops,.. to string.

5) AnTuTu Benchmarks: I know this is what you were looking for, but let me tell you that you should not rely on only one benchmark test. AnTuTu Benchmarks gave a score of 24,359 in the morning before any multitasking or game play and after 1 hour of continuous multitasking the score dropped to 23,570

My Verdict: At the end of the day it is not the benchmarks that you are going to use, but it is the phone. Sure it is an OK budget phone with all the high end specs but the quality seems to be compromised by Intex, for instance the 13 megapixel camera is below average, the phone heats, and often lags while multitasking. If I were you, I would have bought the one I have provided below with a link, so check that as my alternative recommendation for the Intex Cloud 4G Star.

Intex CLoud 4G Star benchmarks score



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