[$36 OFF] Kingwear KW88 Smartwatch Deals and Offers with Coupons and Promo Code

Cafago Promo Code on Kingwear KW88 Smartwatch

This article is about the Cafago coupon code and promotion code of Kingwear KW88 Smartwatch.

Right now Cafago is selling the Kingwear KW88 at the cheapest price on the entire internet. With coupons or promo code you can get it at just $89.02 which is insanely cheap. Means you are getting $36.75 off on the device, that’s a huge discount offer. I have mentioned all the details regarding the Cafago Kingwear KW88 coupon code below. I cannot say about how many numbers are under the discount offer. But it will end on 5th October 2017. So better hurry to get the deal.

Details of the Discount Offer and Deals:

Copy this “SB1605” promo code and follow the exact link below to apply it there.


Below are the lists of 8 best reasons to buy the Kingwear KW88 Smartwatch with coupon code or promo code:

1. The display comes with a 1.39 inch circular screen which has a resolution of 400×400 pixels. With that resolution it gives the display a pixel density of 400 ppi (pixels per inch). Its an AMOLED display which is bright enough to view under direct sunlight.

2. Under the hood it comes with a 1.3 GHz MTK6580 chipset from Mediatek. It is a very powerful quad-core CPU for a smartwatch which can run any apps without any problems and issues.

3. Next reason to buy is for the high amount of memory for both the primary and secondary. It come with 512 MB of RAM as primary memory, normally in smartwatches RAM is below 512 MB. And the internal memory is of 4 GB where you can install apps and store files.

4. It acts as an independent smartphone. Means you can make calls and connect to internet right from the smartwatch without the need to connect to a smartphone. It has a SIM card slot which supports nano SIM. The network it support is 3G.

5. It has the most important two health related monitoring sensor. That is the pedometer which measures foot steps and calculates calories burnt in the process. Another is the heart rate monitor which measures the heart rate in beats per minutes. All these data can be seen right into the smartwatch itself.

6. Another great feature is that it works with both iOS and Android devices. The majority of smartwatches supports only on Android.

7. Unlike other brands which comes with clumsy body material it comes with aluminium. Its a very strong material which is very solid and rigid.

8. And the last is the battery capacity which comes with 400 mAh. It will give a couple of days of backup. Plus the display is not always active, means it will save a lot of battery.

So copy this “SB1605” coupon code and follow the exact link below to apply it there for the Kingwear KW88 Smartwatch offer.


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