4 Problems and Issues of LeEco Le Pro 3 (EXPLAINED)

Problems and Issues of LeEco Le Pro 3

This article is about the LeEco Le Pro 3 Problems, Issues and Cons Review.

In an already crowded smartphone saturated world LeEco is trying to fill the gaps in the segment which they don’t have a product. The smartphone is the LeEco Le Pro 3 and specs wise its a great device. Currently it is the cheapest Snapdragon 821 chipset powered smartphone in the market right now. It has a 16 megapixel PDAF camera sensor, 128 GB internal, 6 GB RAM, 4070 mAh battery, NFC, Quick charge 3.0, fingerprint scanner and many others. However there are some stuffs which consumers don’t like. And to discuss all those I have written this review which is about the LeEco Le Pro 3 problems, issues and cons.


Below are the lists of LeEco Le Pro 3 Problems and Issues (Bugs, Demerits, Disadvantages, Downfall, Negatives or Cons):

1. The first is with the secondary camera which has a very small f/2.2 focal aperture. And because of this the quality of images in low light conditions is not good at all.

2. There is no regular earphone jack (3.5 mm port) which means you will have to buy a separate cable which costs Rs. 2000 if you choose to buy from LeEco to connect the old headphone. They say that the audio will be Hi-Fi. The reality is that its all a marketing gimmick the way how more camera pixels doesn’t necessarily mean a good camera or it will take better pictures. So with sound as well it all depends on the quality of the speaker, music bit rate and of course the music itself. Ditching the normal 3.5 mm jack is not a good idea for consumers who are on budget.

3. Another LeEco Le Pro 3 cons or problems is that the battery is non user replaceable.

4. And finally the last but not the least issues or cons is the absence of a memory card slot for microSD.

My Verdict: Still a very good phone especially for the Snapdragon 821. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any network, signal reception or call drop problems with the phone?

– Straight forward answer, NO.

Does it have lagging or hanging issues?

– With that processor and that much of RAM its hangs or lags only in dreams.

Does the LeEco Le Pro 3 supports Reliance Jio 4G LTE SIM for internet?

– Yup, the device does supports Reliance Jio SIM card for 4G internet.

Does it supports VoLTE networks?

– Yes, it supports VoLTE.

Does the battery drain or have any draining issues?

– No, there is no any battery drain what so ever.

Does it support NFC?

– Yes, it have NFC (Near Field Communication).

What about an infrared sensor for IR blaster?

– Yes, it also has an infrared sensor.

Does the LeEco Le Pro 3 has gyroscope sensor?

– Yes, gyroscope sensor is present.

Can Pokemon Go be played on the LeEco Le Pro 3 with AR mode on?

– Yes it supports Pokemon Go with AR mode on.

Does the LeEco Le Pro 3 have heating issues?

– Technically speaking it does not heat, I am referring to over heating problems. Normal heating will be there which is around 35 to 40 degree Celsius but its like many other smartphones and pretty manageable.


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  1. want to get a detailed review of LeEco Le Pro3 phone regarding audio problem, hanging issues, camera quality and overall worthy performance with respect to current features

    • I recently bought the LeEco Pro 3 phone (Lex727) and, I have not run into ANY system hangs or lag issues of any kind: (I have been using the phone for just at 3 weeks now.) Problems I have had, out of the box, have been with cellular network connectivity (signal switching between LTE, 4G, 3G & (HSPA), and EDGE) when the signal strength for LTE/4G, and even 3G, are good. The other issue, quickly managed, is with the System Service, which dominated battery power consumption, over screen use even when the screen stayed active most of the time – which is saying a lot about the severity of the drain issue there.) Enabling the power saving feature quickly changed the System Service power drain issue, without any noticeable performance degradation: (I have not used any benchmarking apps to test the performance with the power saver enabled/disabled to compare them though.) The phone went from about 12 hours battery life to around 36 with moderate use. I am still having some problems with the cellular network connectivity issue, (regularly switching from LTE/4G to HSPA, etc., even when in a call or watching a video.) My phone seems to have settled down a bit on the constant signal hopping, from what it was when I first powered it up and began using it though. I have only had one call drop, (when a signal hopping cycle went to a “No network Available,” which seems to be part of the “loop” that the signal hopping goes through. That is a bit of a concern for me and, I can’t seem to find a fix for it and, have read online of this issue being complained of by other Pro 3 owners/users as well; (the System Service power drain one being solved by reading of another user who enabled the power saver feature to fix it, and enabling it on my device.) I have not experienced any audio problems but, I have not tried to use the included USB C to 3.5mm adapter, or the headset, to inform anyone on whether or not that is anything like a more common issue or not. The playback using the built in speakers is very good for a cellphone and, Bluetooth stereo sounds just fine.

  2. I bought LeEco le Pro 3 from Hong Kong. Worked Perfectly, not a single problem.
    2 Months later, the phone was on my hand. Suddenly the screen turned off. Never dropped it on the floor or anything like that. The phone just died for no reason, I put it on charge but it still won’t switch on. Warrancy is only valid in China…
    I’m so disappointed…

  3. owned three of these phones, They do not like getting damp at all, current problem is the phone will hang-up on all calls ingoing and outgoing no matter what . phone has all the right parts , IR memory snapdragon , you name it .. its just poorly made lacks quality.

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