7 Problems and Issues of LeTv Le 1S (Explained in Details)

Cons, Issues and Problems of LeTv Le 1S

This article is about the LeTv Le 1S Problems, Issues and Cons.

The LeTv Le 1S was announced last year in China and it is released in India in February 2016. It is the first time that the company LeTv (now it is re-branded to LeEco) has entered India, and they did with a bang. I mean it shook the whole budget smartphone market. First it has specs and features like that of a high end flagship and above that it has a price tag of a budget like smartphone. Some of the mind blowing specs and features are fingerprint sensor, insanely fast 2.2 Helio X10 Turbo chipset, 4K recording with primary camera, slow motion feature, 5.5 inch full HD screen, 32 GB internal storage, USB Type-C, fast charging, full metallic body and the lists goes on and on. But I have written this post not to talk about the benefits but to discuss about the LeTv Le 1S Problems and Issues (Cons).


Below are the lists of 7 LeTv Le 1S Problems, Cons and Issues:

1. First issues is the heating problems which is not kind of insane overheating issues but fells very warm, I mean warmer than most smartphones. The heat is experienced only under gaming which are graphic intensive. It heats within the first 5 to 10 minutes of game-play. I wonder what would be the effect of this heating problems in summer. I believe its probably due to the metal body as it conducts heat better and faster than a plastic body.

2. Next is actually not a problem but cons as it is installed with unnecessary apps or bloatwares which consumes the internal memory. There aren’t too much, but there are. If you want to remove those bloatware apps then you will need to root, OK now this is a problem because the warranty support from the manufacturer will be terminated if you root the device.

3. Third cons is that the camera quality is not up to the mark for a 13 megapixel sensor in low light condition when if you directly compare with other smartphones which are at the same price tag.

4. Another LeTv Le 1S problems or cons what you call is the absence of screen protection, I am here talking about the Gorilla Glass thing. Why LeTv? Why? Why No Gorilla Glass?


5. Next LeTv Le 1S issues or problems is from the radiation department, the SAR Values which is quite high at 1.18 W/Kg. And above that the company has not revealed different values for head and body which usually all other companies do.

6. Taking selfies in low light condition or in absolute darkness is a huge problem as it does not have a LED flash light for the front camera.

7. And the last LeTv Le 1S Problems or Issues is the absence of an external microSD card.

My Verdict: Despite the problems, its still a very good smartphone at the given price tag. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone follow the link below. Kindly do note that the alternative smartphone is a bit on the expensive side but very powerful.



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  1. 1)It is not 13 megapixel camera , i think it is 2 to 5 megapixel .
    2)Saved contact numbers and names will be deleting automatically request to rectify the problem
    3)In this phone favorite contact number facilities not available.
    request to send reply immediately.

  2. phone is working just fine. only issue faced is heating problem. its getting heat often. i think its some software bug. hope that letv will update it soon. hope for a good experience with this handset.

  3. Takes lots of time to search contact or call history pls provide solution
    My phone is hardly 30days old and such problem is not good for this kind of mobile.

  4. When no save in phone than it save for 2 times and after some it delete automatically . so plz reply how to save contact in phone

  5. 1.phone numbers getting deleted automatically…
    2.heating even after talking over phone for just 10mins
    3.too much heating while charging the phone

    i just bought this phone 1days ago….

  6. when I go to play store it says “couldn’t sign in there was a problem communicating with google servers.
    try again later”.

    Will this offline update fix the problem

  7. Contact names and numbers are getting deleted automatically. I had saved 750 contacts,as of now only 175 are in the list.This is serious problem,how to overcome, pl.guide me.

  8. heating problem
    fingure print scanner is not working
    automatically working the back switch
    high radiation problem
    automatically deleting the contacts

  9. Since last update the phone takes me to main menu.the buttons on the screen work automatically. It’s irritating.

  10. I have data issues while using letv 1s, it is not keep 3g connection compare to other brands and it is only 2g speed

  11. only Look good.Very big problem is automatically power off and on problem. And battary drain too quickly.

  12. My LEtv touch screen is not working. I am quite upset after seeing such problem on new mobile. please help me to get rid of such problem

  13. A much of heating problem is there.Secondly the photos and music which are been dowloaded are not getting saved in the gallery nor in the music player apps.I dont know what to do.Is that the phones problem or is that because of some kind of cleaning apps?

  14. my print option in chrome became inactive.. and apps lock is not working, as i installed 360 security which is working good in moto g phone but here lockedettingin this mobile apps are not getting locked

  15. Camera is not working.. Not even 30 days old phone.clearing cache and resetting phone is also not providing solution… Please provide me with some permanent fix

  16. My phone display not working at screen locking after 30 seconds are normally working . Please help me .at this time display are doted.

  17. My phone is dead. Phone will start only till the first welcome screen and then will switch off again. Charge is not a problem

  18. Heating problem and contact number getting deleted automatically. Save one number and it duplicates..how to address all these issues pl.

  19. My letvle1s phone was 5.5.014s version update. But 1 issue back button closed autometically in only 2G network uses.please new software launching leeco company

  20. What’s hell going on with this phone. I have never seen these type of issues like this phone and the bladdy authorized persons also not replying or tell the solution.

  21. Software problem 3 mobiles I have changed but not recovery this problem.. I am boating…but mobile is supper. I love letv…plz

  22. why is my phone back butten friquently disabled.i can’t solve the problem eventhough i restor the system.please please help me to fix my phone.i bought the phone from hungzue on line market.i really lost every confidence to use any chinise product.

  23. My LeEco 1 Smart phone is not working. screen is static and I cannot find any apps or call, see messege etc. it is like in comma. pl help me


  25. My camera is not working after i have installed new eui version from 5.8.015s to 5.8.017s.

    Please fix this problem as soon as possible.

  26. how to solve …
    my problems

    heating…and hangs and restart automatically
    it does’t show notification of any app like whatsapp hike insatgram…
    reply plz

  27. In my phone letv 1s upgrade to marshmallow ,after that most of the apps , if i open it asking allow acess ,after acess it ask screen overlay deceted ,i dont know wt it is pls help me i cant even open my contacts also.

  28. Only red flashing on charging, not getting power on .Pls help. have tried holding all volume button and power button for 50 seconds but no luck

  29. when i open any app for a long time and then close and open a different app… i can see a light image the previous app in the second app…. please help there is no screen shot option here else i would have showed you the screenshot which i took..
    please help …….

  30. Hi, i am using Le 1s. Using Idea sim in slot one and jio in slot two. when jio sim mobile data is on, incoming call to slot one, idea is not reachable ie. busy/not reachable/switched off tone is coming to the dialer. i even changed the sims to vise versa, but the same is happening……..Anybody having solution for that?

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