6 Problems and Issues of LeEco Super3 X55 UHD (4K) TV (Explained)

Problems and Issues of LeEco Super3 X55 4K TV

This article is about the LeEco Super3 X55 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV Problems, Issues and Cons.

The way how smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper televisions are also in the line up particularly from China. There are are tons of great brands and LeEco is one of them. For a 55 inch panel this undoubtedly the best money can buy. It does not any over heating issues, lags, hangs or freeze. But at the same time there are some things which consumers won’t appreciate about the product. And so I have published this very article to discuss the LeEco Super3 X55 55 inch television problems, issues and cons.


Below are the lists of LeEco Super3 X55 4K UHD Smart LED TV Problems and Issues (Disadvantages, Demerits, Bugs and Cons):

1. First issues is Mandarin!!!!! It supports only Mandarin (Chines) for voice commands through the remote. Who the hell speaks Chinese in India? No offense if there are one.

2. Next LeEco Super3 X55 UHD TV problem is with the blackness level which is kind of dull compared to major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG and others.

3. Watching on normal brightness level is a problem when placed to face-to-face to a light source as there is no any anti-reflection coating on it.

4. Another LeEco Super3 X55 UHD TV issues or cons is that being Android Lollipop it still does not support Google Play Store. Also very fewer number of apps are present on the LeEco store. Why Oh why?

5. Its a good thing that it has 4 years of warranty but getting the warranty services is a big problems because limited number of service centers are available.

6. It consumes 180 watts of power which is very high in today’s standard as other panels which are 4K and 55 inches wide consumes only 110 watts. Overtime consumers will have to spend a hefty sum of money on electricity bills.

My Verdict: One word Fantastic. However if you are looking for other better alternatives then follow the link below.

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  1. you have not covered all issues..
    issues I am facing are
    1. Bluetooth connectivity is only 5 feet . voice breaks above that.
    2. when connected Bluetooth headset the voice is delayed by 1 to 2 seconds.. which is so irritating
    3.strange ..in some channels you can not increase and decrease t.t.v channel voice by settop box remote.. you have to use TV remote for that. so u need to carry both remotes all time..

    4.service engineers are not well equipped with knowledge .. they don’t know the complete fuction of t.v

    5. no manual to refer for features.

    6 no hdmi cables included.

    7. there is a three pin audio video with one jack input… if we use it on component …then where the he’ll will the voice be achieved from.. it should had been a 5 pin system like Samsung gives.. I don’t know why they are so incomplete

  2. My TV is hung and does not boot after the initial LeEco 15 sec add….only buffering circle appears on a blank screen which blinks after every 2 seconds…pls help

  3. My tv went blank after software update dated 27-05-2017. It says “Unfortunately the desktop is not responding”. This is after usage of about eight months only. I gave a complaint and waiting for service.

  4. I had purchased a LeEco 163.9cm (65) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV through Flipkart.

    The installation was done through Jeeves and the TV has been working fine. However, we noticed a vertical line appearing on the display at 1/3 of the screen from the left and the base of the TV seems to be heating up.

    Not sure what the problem is. Has anyone else faced a similar problem?

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