13 Pros and Cons of Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband Review (Explained)

In depth review of Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband (Problems and Issues)

This article is about the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband Review with Pros and Cons.

Slowly Lenovo is entering into the wearable gadgets section. This time they have launched a new smartband under $20. At that price it will provide a very tough competition to others. Anyway I am here to review the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband with problems and issues along with some pros and cons.


Below are the lists of Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

supports call reminder

Reasons to Buy Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband (Pros and Advantages):

1. The display of the device is relatively larger than most smartband. To be precise the size of the panel is of 0.96 inch in diagonal. The resolution of the screen is 128×64 pixels. It has a very narrow border. The most interesting part of the display is that it is an OLED screen. Means you will have no trouble viewing even under direct sunlight.

Alarm clock

2. The engine of the device is powered by Nordic 52832 chipset which is perfect to run a smartband with limited functions. The primary memory is 64K as RAM and the secondary memory is 512K as ROM.

3. When connected the device to your smartphone it will display all the notifications including incoming calls and messages from social applications.

Heart rate monitor

4. In terms of design there are multiple interface. However do keep in mind that the design of the interface in terms of color is monochrome.


5. Like any other smartband the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband has the heart rate monitoring feature. It measures your heart rate in beats per minute. You can view on the device itself or on your paired device.

IP68 water resistant

6. The sleep monitoring feature works well which essentially measures the quality of your sleep. Plus it also has anti-sleep feature for night duty or driving which will vibrate to help to stay awake.

7. Another great feature interns of health is the motion reminder or also known as sedentary reminder. It reminds you to keep motion when you are in one exact spot for too long.

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband has 0.96 inch display

8. All the sports information can be shared on social networking applications like Facebook, Wechat, Twitter, etc.


9. You don’t need a specific app to run the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband. You can connect to any third-party fitness application where you will be able to register and login without any issues.

Silicone straps

10. Its IP68 rated smartband. Means it is a 100% waterproof device that can support an ingress protection up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Being waterproof also becomes a dust resistant device.

11. Under the hood the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband has a battery capacity of 85 mAh which can run throughout the week without recharging it in between. The maximum time you will need to recharge the battery is 60 mins.

12. And the last reason to buy it is for the compatibility. It is 100% compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and up to the latest version of both the operating system.

85 mAh battery capacity

Reasons Not to Buy Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The one cons I didn’t like is for the material of the case which is plastic. Follow this link for a one with aluminium metal construction.

My Verdict: One of best at such a low price. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartband then follow this link.


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