12 Problems and Issues of Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus (DETAILS)

Problems and Issues of Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

This article is about the Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Problems and Issues along with some pros and cons.

The Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus is a very good smartphone especially for consumers whose budget are within Rs. 8000 and Rs. 9000 as it is lives up to the expectations. For instance some of the major benefits are the Full HD display, 5 point multi-touch, Snapdragon 616, dedicated memory card slot, removable battery, metallic body, Adreno 405 and the list goes on and on. But besides all those advantages there are some Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus problems and issues.


Below are the lists of Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Issues and Problems:

1. The first issues is the heating problems under continues usage of gaming for more than 10 minutes. The heating effect is not so pronounced but it definitely feels warmer than most average smartphones.

2. Next Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus problems is with the camera which the quality in low light condition is very dull because of the smaller focal aperture. Additionally the secondary camera does not have autofocus.

3. Another issues with the device is that the device does not comes with Android Marshmallow out of box. Also Lenovo didn’t mention anything about the future upgrades to Android Marshmallow.

4. Now this is more of a cons rather than problems or issues and that is it does not does not have a fast charging technology. I am asking because there are many smartphones that does have fast charging technology.

5. Another Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus issues is with the low battery capacity of only 2750 mAh. For a full HD display panel it won’t last for more than a day.

6. Next problems is the absence of fingerprint sensor.


7. More sensor missing and that is the infrared sensor for IR Blaster.

8. It does not supports MHL TV-Out, in case if you are looking for one that supports MHL at budget price then follow this link.

9. Another Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus problems is that the company did not reveal the SAR Values for the user to know.

10. Next issues is with the design, I mean the placement of the speaker grill is very bad as it remains blocked all the time while holding with hand.

11. It does not have tap to wake-up buttons which is another Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus cons or drawbacks.

12. And the last Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus issues or problems is with the display as it does not have any protection for scratch.

My Verdict: 50-50, I mean average. However if you are looking for a better device then follow the link below.



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  1. S. . All it is correct
    Iam lenovo vibe k5 plus user
    But it is good it is very nice nice display
    Budget oreated phone

  2. it looks a real smartphone but….i am suffering from network issues.. even after searching network it responds ” no network available ” please suggest my friends

    • overhetaing is related to gaming and other application only? or while you whatsup.. is it overheating (Vvedio calling)

  3. I find this post funny. It’s price is 8,500 and I got it for 8000 from Flipkart. So considering the price factor I can’t expect more from this phone. About problems, phone has heating issue but I experience it’s reduced after update and uninstalling McAfee. Second about battery,im moderate user so it lasts for 12+ hrs for me. I haven’t faced any other issues.

  4. Mera mobile ka 1mahina hua hAi or niche ka tino button kam nahi kar raha hai mughe vapi service centre ka adres batye

  5. Phone is nice in 8500 rs only.
    But recently one problem has comes with lenovo vibe k5 plus.
    When I go on wallpapers option and I want to change phone theme, that time phone do not do anything. I want to change my phone theme.
    How to change it.
    Pl help me

  6. i am suffering very whimsical problem . when call came then we can only listen ring there is no option to receive call… very bad experience from lenova ….may be its software problem but company have to check isuue ….

  7. Incoming calls in Vibe K5 many a times do not display the sender details on the screen. Sometimes it does. Any reasons for this problem. How to troubleshoot ?

  8. I bought lenovo vibe k5 at praise 7000. It is totally disappointing me from the day I bought because of really a bad camera. Both back and front camera is useless. No clarity of pictures. Only blurred images. I bought.. I don’t know what to do with this..

  9. Worst fone ever.. Touch gives late responses.. And despite 3 gb ram works like a 512mb ram fone.. Disappoining.. Not expected from lenovo..

  10. I bought this phone yesterday. I am also facing excessive heating issues. It is difficult to talk for more than two minutes. It is also slow despite having 3GB RAM

  11. I bought on 26th Aug after waiting for 4 days when Flipkart promised 1 day delivery.

    The system update was done on the very next day after booting the mobile. Today (28th Sep 2016), the mobile is hanging while rebooting for no reason.

    I want to return back the mobile and get my money back. Somebody please guide me

  12. am facing some problems in lenovo vibe k5 note keyboard while composing messages.
    If i type q, numerical 1 appears. Similarly if i type w, 2 appears and if i type s, ß appears.

  13. My vibe k5 mobile content list is going mad. Around 50 contacts got deleted automatically and other content names edited automatically mixed with each other. Am helpless. Please help.

  14. I have purchased the lenovo vibe K5 previous month. already one time it has got touch problem and got repaired with warranty. after two days the display got damaged automatically.due to over heating of display. But Service provider claiming that it has physical damage,and hence it can not come under warranty claim.Hence I concluded that these people doesn’t give Display warranty.

  15. Using flash pic became blurred but without flash its ok but not good.In dark it is impossible to take clear snap.2g is not working.I hv just bought it from flipcard @8499/ but someone has bought it @8000/ from flipcard..how?

  16. Phone is nice in 8500 rs only.
    But recently one problem has comes with lenovo vibe k5 plus.
    When I go on wallpapers option and I want to change phone theme, that time phone do not do anything. I want to change my phone theme.
    How to change it.P please help me sir

  17. Please help.my rear camera had green & yellow vertical lines and now it’s not respondng anymore..please tell me what to do i just got this phone a month ago..

  18. I am using vibe k5 plus I face touch screen problem my phone touch is not very sensitive & smooth i want to touch 2,3 times for filing single word pls any one give me solution.

  19. I puchased this Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus smartphone in November. Now within one month the touch screen malfunctioning. Sometimes it does not work at all.

    I am not finding any solution of it no customer service help.

    Pls don’t puchase this phone.

  20. I bought mobile lenovo vibe k5 from amazon. Today is 1 month compeleted, and i got the problem of rear camera!,camera dispaly is showing me 7 colors like rainbow!am totally disapointed with this problem!now what can i do? mobile phone is awesome but in 1 month i got this problem!



  22. Key board not working while charging.
    Phone over heating problem. InCallui app misbehaving Disconnecting video call. Please don’t buy it. Not expected this From Lenovo.

  23. If check contact list , everytime it is updating and searching. AFter that it will be restart the phone.

  24. Facing issue about only “P” button from lenovo vibe k5 smartphone is not working so that I am unable to unlock my mobile because unlock password contain P word.

    Please suggest!!

  25. My Lenovo vibe k5 screen just stopped responding from the right side…. It’s the worst smartphone I have used ever…. Pleasee don’t buy Lenovo phones…..

  26. My phone turns on with a vibration, but only display light shows up without having a display of logo or anything else exxept a violet fade. Went to the customer service but they says it has a physical damage. How can it be when i was working on office stuffs and suddenly it restarted and m facing the issue. Waste of money. Won’t purchase lenovo phines any further.

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