9 Problems and Issues of Lenovo Z2 Plus (EXPLAINED)

Problems and Issues of Lenovo Z2 Plus Review (Cons)

This article is about the Lenovo Z2 Plus Problems, Issues and Cons Review.

On paper the specs of the Lenovo Z2 Plus looks quite promising. It has Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530, 4GB RAM, 64 GB internal, fingerprint scanner, 3500 mAh battery with Quick-charge, 4K camera, Gorilla Glass 3 etc. But deep down inside its has nothing to impress at a higher note other than the Snapdragon 820 chipset. So that’ why I have decided to publish this review of Lenovo Z2 Plus problems, issues and cons to share with you all.


Below are the lists of Lenovo Z2 Plus problems and issues (disadvantages, cons, bugs, negatives, drawbacks, demerits, downfall etc.):

1. The first is the display which is only a full HD panel. Now a days for this kind of money you can easily get a 2K display, follow this link to get one. Also the display has a lower level of contrast ratio.

2. Also its a smaller display which is of only 5 inches. Today’s the standard size for a high mid-ranger is 5.5 inches and anything below 5.5 is a compromise. However people with smaller hands will definitely love.

3. The 8.5 mm thickness makes the Lenovo Z2 Plus a bit bulky. If it is a large phone it won’t be a problem.

4. Although the primary camera can shoot 4K and slow motion videos for still images its not good. The reason is for the smaller focal aperture of f/2.2 which produce just average quality images in low light conditions.

5. Additionally the primary does not have an OIS (optical image stabilization) feature. The company says that it has an EIS which is an electronic one. Compared to an OIS, EIS is rubbish.

6. All the navigational touch buttons are placed on the screen itself. It is already a small screen.

7. Another problems or issues is that there is no NFC (near field communication) technology.

8. No infrared sensor for IR blaster as well.

9. And the last Lenovo Z2 Plus issues or cons is that the memory cannot be expanded because of the absence of a memory card slot. If you can get the 64 GB variant it might ease the problem to an extent.

My Verdict: Good but not enough to impress or go with it. But if you are looking for an alternative recommendation then follow the link below.



Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Lenovo Z2 Plus comes with a fast battery charging technology like quick charge?

– Yes, it comes with a fast charging feature called Quick charge v3.0

Does the device have call drop problems or any network, signal reception related issues?

– No, there is no drops or signal errors while making calls or receiving.

Does the Lenovo Z2 Plus have lagging or hanging issues?

– Nope, it runs without any lags or hangs.

Does the Lenovo Z2 Plus supports Reliance Jio 4G LTE SIM for internet?

– Yes, it does supports Reliance Jio SIM card for 4G internet.

Does the Lenovo Z2 Plus supports VoLTE?

– Yup, VoLTE  is supported for making voice calls over LTE networks.

What are the kind of bloatware apps (unnecessary apps) that runs on the background?

– No, there is no any bloatwares that runs on the device. Its almost a clean stock Android software.


Does the battery drain or have any draining issues?

– Nope, there is no any battery drain with Lenovo Z2 Plus.

Does the device have NFC?

– No there is near field communication.

Does it have an infrared sensor for IR blaster?

– Nope either.

Does the Lenovo Z2 Plus have a gyroscope sensor?

– Yes, gyroscope sensor is present.

Can Pokemon Go be played on the Lenovo Z2 Plus?

– Yes it supports Pokemon Go even with AR (augmented reality) mode on.

What about the Lenovo Z2 Plus have heating issues?

– Technically speaking there is no any heating issues. But if you play high graphic intensive games for a very long period of time or while charging it will definitely heat but to a certain extent, no over-heating.


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  1. I m facing background call problem in lenovo z2 plus. During call, if I press menu button then call will be not disconnected but I can’t hear customer voice.

  2. The phone hangs frequently when inside pocket, it seems the finger print sensor fails to open, hangs and you need a hard reset to reboot the phone. you will be irritated to know about that if you are keeping your phone in pocket.

  3. I’m using it for about two weeks now, it hangs often, on a few occasions I was not able to answer an incoming call. This is the last time I’m buying something with lenovo on it.

  4. but lenovo z2 plus is the second best smartphone in the world at 20k range, So what is the better alternative smart phone at 20k range with low cons. ?

  5. You have just pointed out the Cons as things that is what you don’t want. The phone is not targeted for users like, so is the price accordingly..

    1. Small Screen –> If you are looking for bigger phone, then this is not for you, but a lot of people need smaller powerful phone

    2. 2k Display –> Not really needed for a 5 inch phone, even Google Pixel doesn’t have

    3. IR Blaster –> Missing in lot of top notch phone, so you are just cribbing

    4. 8.5 mm tickness for large is ok, why not for now, even Pixel has same thickness.. Basically of people are looking for such huge battery, the thickness will increase, anyways its a better hold now 🙂

  6. I have taken Lenova Z2 plus in the month of October 2016. and just after a month my mobile is getting hanged very often. Atleast twice a day. Worst is i would not come to know unless i physically see the phone. Every time i need to restart the mobile.
    For information, i have no games installed which might be the reason or unused app which might cause. Kindly advice.

  7. The local dial in the sense simple 08022124274 itself does not work cannot dial bridge numbers with participant coded ruthless phone.

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