7 Pros and Cons Review with Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G E451

Pros and Cond of Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G (Advantages and Disadvantages)

This article is about the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G Pros and Cons.

There are more than a couple of dozens of Micromax devices within the range of Rs. 10,000. But none of them are quite like this one the E451 model which is named as Canvas Pulse 4G. It is really one of the worst upgrade from Micromax within this range when the specs and features are considered. There are many cons, issues or drawbacks with the device. But kindly don’t get mad at the cons and issues as I am just pointing out the facts and facts only. I have no any intention to divert your mind from going with this phone. Read the below pros and cons to get an idea how bad the smartphone is.


Below are the lists of Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G Pros and Cons (Disadvantages and Issues):

Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G Pros and Advantages (E451 Model):

Pros of Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G (Advantages)1. The first good reason to buy this smartphone is for the 1.3 GHz Tru Octacore Processor from Mediatek.

2. Another Advantage is the 3 GB of RAM for gaming and multitasking.

3. And the last pros is the 13 megapixel camera which takes decent pictures in good light condition as they have embedded the device a Samsung sensor.


Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G Cons, Issues and Disadvantages:

Cons Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G (Disadvantages)1. More than 1.5 GB of bloatwares and unnecessary apps were installed on this smartphone which is the biggest issue with the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G.

2. Moreover there is no any fast battery charging technology which you can find with many smartphones which are cheaper than this.

3. Next disadvantage is the extremely low battery capacity which is of only 2100 mAh. I wonder what users can possibly do with it. It probably won’t even last for 2 hours if you surf the internet with 3G network.

4. Another cons is the 5 inch display which is not a Full HD panel. Days were gone when Micromax used to fool consumers with mediocre screens.

5. All Micromax devices have heating issues or problems and one is different as when under moderate game play it heats like an oven. The company never learned and fixed about the heating issues.

6. All smartphone lags or hangs when you install more and more apps over time. But the drawbacks or cons with Micromax devices is that users tends to experience a lot of lagging or hanging issues within a week or so.

7. And the last Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G Cons or Problems is the camera performance in low light condition which is pathetic with lots of noise.

My Verdict: One of the worst smartphone in recent times. For a far better alternative smartphone follow the link below.




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