SAR Values of Motorola Moto G Play 4th Gen (Radiation Levels)

SAR Level of Motorola Moto G4 Play

This article is about the Moto G Play, 4th Gen SAR Values or Radiation Levels.

The specs and features of the newly launched Moto G Play 4th Gen are quite decent at its price tag. For instance it has HD screen, 2 GB RAM, Snapdragon 410, Adreno 306, dedicate microSD card, fast battery charging, etc. But what about the Moto G4 Play 4th Gen SAR Values or also known as radiation levels. Well before proceeding into that below are the lists of three important things to know about cellphone radiations.


1. SAR values are measured by the manufacturer under simultaneous transmission of all radio frequencies. Means when all the wireless the the phone are kept on and transmitting data.

2. Government of countries like Australia, India and United States have a certain maximum limit. The limit is 1.6 W/Kg and anything above this is not allowed to sell to the general public.

3. The lower the SAR the better it is for health.

SAR Values of Moto G Play, 4th Gen

Now the maximum Moto G Play, 4th Gen SAR values has not been revealed by the manufacturer yet. But Motorola devices generally have above 1.0 W/Kg. In case if you have got this phone and wants to know how to reduce it radiation levels then follow the link below.

SAR Value Reducer : Anti Radiation Chip


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