18 Pros and Cons of NO.1 G7 Smartwatch (Review Explained)

In-depth Review of No.1 G7 Smartwatch

This article is about the NO.1 G7 Smartwatch Pros and Cons Review.

This brand has dominated the Chinese smartwatch industry in the $100 price segment. Now they have decided to increase their lineup in the sub $50 range. Now without any further do lets review the NO.1 G7 Smartwatch Phone with pros and cons along with some problems and issues.


Below are the lists of NO.1 G7 Smartwatch Phone advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

Reasons to Buy NO.1 G7 Smartwatch (Pros and Advantages):

1. The first is the 1.54 inch screen which has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. Its may not be the highest resolution on a smartwatch but it looks pretty good. Saturation and colors are great with good viewing angles.

2. On top of the display it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass for protection from scratch and shatter. You won’t find a Gorilla Glass protection on a smartwatch this cheap.

3. Coming to the engine its rocked with a Mediatek MTK2502 chipset. It runs very smooth without any lags and hangs and most importantly no heating problems or issues.

4. With anti-lost technology it can help you find your other devices.

5. There are four reminder features viz. sedentary reminder, call reminder, alarm reminder and exercise reminder.


6. You can control your smartphone camera remotely with this watch. This works even with recording videos which lets you pause and resume your photo shoot. Means no camera man will ever require while shooting yourself for fixed position shooting.


7. It also has a pedometer which works as step counter for measuring amount of calories spent and distance covered.

8. Apart from that it also has a heart rate monitor sensor for measuring heartbeats per minute.

9. All wireless communication are done through Bluetooth.

10. It comes with an internal microphone which can record audio and save locally on the device. Yes, you can also play music but the quality won’t be good as the inbuilt speaker is relatively small compared to smartphones.

11. The device can store phone book, call log and sync messages from your cellphone.

12. Its compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

13. Inside the dial it comes with a 380 mAh battery capacity which can provide a backup up to 2 days.

14. The overall weight of the smartwatch is only 30 grams which is one of the lights around in the market.

15. And finally the last pros is the removable design concept which can be removed easily from the strap.


Reasons Not to Buy NO.1 G7 Smartwatch (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. The first cons or issues is that it supports only 2G networks. This many not be a major problem for many developing countries but for some its a serious one as in some developed countries no 2G networks are available. I don’t understand why it does not have 3G network support, because in 2017 3G is considered as the base standard for wireless network communication.

2. Internally it comes with an internal memory of 128 MB which is very very low. To deal with this demerits it comes with a micro SD card slot which supports up to 64 GB.

3. And the last NO.1 G7 smartwatch cons or problems is the low RAM which is of only 64 MB. However the device does not lags or freezes at all, its actually a surprise when it runs only with 64 MB RAM.

My Verdict: Despite a couple of cons its still a very very good buy. In case if you are looking to get it at a very low price then follow the link below.


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  1. What about the clips? Since the watch itself is removable, can they properly hold and secure the watch tightly? In some YouTube videos i saw, they took out and put back the watch so easily from the strap, which to me, it somewhat covers a loose securing of the watch itself.

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