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This article is about the coupon codes for different types of USB cables on Gearbest.

I have talked a lot on smartphones but never on accessories. So today I decided to talk about them. Lets start with some cables because it is one of the primary one when we are talking about accessories. Recently I came across this brand which is called Gocomma, they do make pretty solid USB cables with lots of variations. So without any further ado lets talk about them.

Below are the lists of USB cables that are available to buy on Gearbest:

1. Gocomma Nylon Braided Type-C 3A Quick Charge Data Cable:


Its costs just $4.82 which is one of the cheapest if you get it from Gearbest. It supports Quick Charge which is a Type-C cable. The maximum current it can transfer is up to 3 Ampere. Its is very strong that makes it nearly unbreakable in between due to the co-axial type of wire patterns.

2. Gocomma Type-C Jeans Braided 2A USB Cable:


This one is a bit different especially in terms of design. Remember the MagSafe cable which are for charging MacBooks, its like that. Means it has been bent 90 degrees. The best part is that it is also cheaper than a normal design one. Currently on Gearbest it costs just $2.47. The cover near the connectors on both the ends are Aluminum alloy. Maximum current transfer limit is up to 2 Ampere which means fast charging is definitely supported.

3. Gocomma Jeans Fabric 2A Micro USB Cable:


And here comes the last one which is again from the same brand. To me it licks a bit weird in design although it shares a similar design to the above second one. The price on Gearbest is $2.84. Its 30% higher strength, more tear-resistant and wear-resistant. The material on the ends are Zinc alloy.


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