12 Pros and 6 Cons of Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 (Detailed Review)

Pros and Cons Review of Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 (Problems and Issues)

This article is about the Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 Review with Pros and Cons.

In the last past one year Panasonic has been doing really well in India with their Eluga line up. On 23rd of November they have released another smartphone which you can buy exclusively only on Flipkart. Now the question is that is it really any good considering the price tag at which it is being sold. Well lets review the Panasonic ELUGA Mark with advantages and disadvantages and also some issues and problems. Kindly note that the below points are not based on my personal taste or preferences.


Below are the lists of Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 Advantages and Disadvantages which can be also considered as pros and cons (problems and issues).


Reasons to Buy Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 (Pros, Merits, Advantages):

1. Display:

The display is a large 5.5 inch HD IPS panel with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. It has a pixel density of 294 ppi (pixels per inch). So how is the color representation and contrast levels? Well they are all evenly balanced with not overly saturated and good amount of brightness. Viewing outdoors or in direct sunlight is also very enjoyable as the display is not a reflective one.

2. Engine:

Next coming to the engine its rocked with a 1.3 GHz Octa-core Mediatek chipset. To be specific its Mediatek 6753 which is a 64-bit processor. Along with that it comes with 3 GB of RAM as the primary memory. Running multiple apps or multitasking is a pleasant experience with the device. There are no memory management, lagging or heating issues or problems what so ever. Also you can run graphic intensive games without any drop in frames speed.


3. Memory:

Internally it comes with 32 GB of on board memory which lets you to install applications. However the amount of memory left for the user is about 26 GB, the rest is consumed by the operating system.

4. Software:

Speaking of operating system it comes pre installed with the latest version of Android Marshmallow. The user interface is almost stock Android without any bloatwares or unnecessary apps that runs or consumes RAM on the background. Its smooth and clean UI. Now the question is that will the operating system will be upgraded to updated to Android Nougat 7.0 or does Panasonic will provide any future software updates? I think they will not provide Android Nougat update as all their previous smartphones also didn’t receive any software update related to security or OS. There is reason to that as smartphone brands like Panasonic don’t have dedicated software engineers to handle all those issues or problems related to softwares.

5. Camera:


The optics on the front is a 13 megapixel sensor with 5 piece lens element which has a f/2.2 focal aperture. The performance of the camera in both natural lightning and low lightning conditions are quite impressive. The saturation, brightness and contrast are all good with good amount of details. The autofocus speed of the camera is also very quick in both still photography mode and video mode. Speaking of video the quality in video mode is also decent. Other great features of the camera is the manual focus mode, HDR, scene mode, face beautify etc.


Yes the device does supports USB OTG cable which users can connect pen drives, memory cards for instant file transfer without connecting it to a computer. However there is no USB Type-C reversible connector, but not a cons at all as it nowhere a flagship killer.

7. Fingerprint Scanner:

On the back panel there hoods a fingerprint scanner below the camera for security. Its fairly quick in responding and recognizing as well. Its always convenient to reach all the time as the index finger automatically rests on the fingerprint sensor.

8. 4G VoLTE:


Ever since Reliance Jio launched the 4G service in India people are not buying any smartphones which does not support 4G LTE. And yes Panasonic had taken care of the consumers as the Eluga Mark 2 does support VoLTE for making voice calls over 4G LTE networks.


9. Sensors:


It has an IR (infrared) sensor for IR blaster which helps you to control your AC (air conditioner), TV (television), etc. And yes the other important sensors are also available like e-compass, gravity sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

10. Display Protection:


For display protection it does not have Corning Gorilla Glass but an Asahi Dragontrail glass for protection from scratch and shatter. Actually the glass is a 2.5D curve design. Now is it comparable to Gorilla Glass for screen protection? Yes, its comparable and the reason Corning is so famous is because of their marketing. Dragontrail is also the second largest glass manufacturer for screen protection of smartphones.

11. Body Material:


The entire body is made out of metal with high grade aluminum which feels very premium on the hands. Dimensionally its 7.7 mm thin with 76 mm width and 151 mm height. Overall from the design point of view its looks elegant.

12. Battery:


Not to support the powerful hardware its has to come with a good amount of battery. Well its packed with a 3000 mAh battery capacity which can power up the device for whole day under normal usage. Plus the device does supports fast battery charging through Quick Charge. However Panasonic didn’t actually published which version of Quick Charge is present. I believe it would be 2.0 as the 3.0 is seen only with high mid ranger.


Reasons Not to Buy Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 (Cons, Downsides, Negatives, Demerits, Disadvantages, Problems or Issues):

1. Hybrid SIM Slot:

The first important cons is the inability to support two SIM card when you use a memory card. The reason is that it has a Hybrid SIM slot. Means if you insert two SIM cards then there won’t be any place for holding the memory card. You are always going to compromise either way. But if you have only one SIM card to use or don’t feel the need of a memory card then its not a major issues or problems.

2. Camera Features:


Next Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 disadvantages or demerits is with the camera. There is neither 4K video recording nor slow motion video capture. I am complaining because there are smartphones which does have those which are exactly priced at the same range. However this does not mean that the quality of the images are not good, they are great. Its just that it lacks a couple of features here and there.

3. Back Cover:


Another is that the back panel is not removable as they are tightly held they screws on the bottom. And as a result the battery on the inside is not accessible means it not user replaceable or removable.

4. SAR Values:

The Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 SAR values or radiation levels are not published by the manufacturer.

5. Sensors:

The gyroscope sensor and NFC (near field communication is missing) is missing. But those things really depends on the users whether they use or not. For instance gyroscope is important for watching videos through virtual reality (VR) headsets or playing AR games. Likewise NFC is important for instant wireless data transfer or wireless payments.

6. Bump:

And the last Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 cons or disadvantages is that there is a camera bump on the back panel which does not allows the device to lie down flat.

My Verdict: Despite with a couple of negatives its a very good smartphone. However if in case you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the device supports Reliance Jio 4G LTE SIM for internet?

– Of course it does supports Reliance Jio SIM card for 4G internet as VoLTE is present.

Does the battery drain or have any draining related issues?

– Nope.

Does it have gyroscope sensor?

– No, there is no gyroscope sensor.

Can augmented reality (AR) games be played on the device?

– Yes it does support but AR mode must be turned off when prompted.

What about the Panasonic ELUGA Mark 2 heating issues?

– There are no any major heating issues or problems even extreme high end games are played on it.


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