14 Pros and Cons of Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC (Full Review)

Pipo W1 Pro Review with Problems and Issues

This article is about the Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC Review with Pros and Cons.

These days there are tons of tablet PC which gets released every month. Choosing the best one at the best possible price is even harder because everyone looks pretty same on paper. Today I am going to review the Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC with advantages and disadvantages.


Below are the lists of Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC pros and consĀ  which can be also considered as advantages and disadvantages (problems and issues).


Reasons to Buy Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC (Pros or Advantages):

1. The first and the foremost reason to buy is the 10.1 inch IPS LCD screen. It has a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels which means it has technically more number of pixels than a full HD screen. Color reproduction, contrast, saturation and brightness are all evenly balanced. Viewing angles of the display is also very wide of 178 degrees. If you go with other major brands its impossible to get a display with such resolution and clarity.


2. For processing the device is rocked with a 1.44 GHz Intel Atom X5-Z8350 Quad-core chipset. Yes it does support turbo boost technology which can clock up to 1.92 GHz when required. There are no any Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC heating issues or problems even under pressure.


3. The primary memory RAM is of 4 GB which is definitely more than enough to basically run any applications.


4. Next Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC advantages is that the graphics is controlled by Intel HD 400 Graphics which is an integrated one. Games runs pretty smooth without any lags or hangs. Even playing 4K resolution videos does not create any issues.


5. Despite demi tablet and demi laptop there are cameras on both the sides. There is a 2 megapixel on the front for facetime and 5 megapixel on the rear.


6. Another great feature about the tablet PC is that it comes loaded with a Windows 10. Yes, it runs on Windows 10 which lets you runs all the applications that you would normally do on your desktop. Besides English there are tons of other pre installed languages from Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic to Spanish etc. etc.


7. The device does comes with a USB Type-C reversible connector which can be used to connect, external hard drive, pen drives, dongles, etc.

8. There is an HDMI port with the device for connecting it to a TV which allows to enjoy all the activities directly on the big screen.


9. Overall the tablet weights only 535 grams which is very very light compared to its counterparts.

10. Another Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC pros is that stylus works on the screen with great accuracy with its 1024 levels of pressure.

11. The battery comes with a 6000 mAh capacity which a good backup of 6 to 7 hours under continuous usage. Charging takes about 4 hours with the supplied 2A AC adapter.

12. The body material on the front panel is glass and plastic and on the back panel its made out of aluminum alloy. Overall the built quality is quite strong and premium.


Reasons Not to Buy Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC (Cons, Disadvantages, Downsides, Issues and Problems):

1. The first is the low internal memory of 64 GB, its a bit less especially for a Windows powered device. But there is always an option to increase with its external memory card slot. So it might not be a major cons or negatives for some.

2. Another Pipo W1 Pro Tablet PC issues or cons is that there is no regular USB port, neither USB 2.0 nor USB 3.0, all it has a single USB Type-C reversible connector. But again this is a must compromise to make the tablet slim and less bulky.

My Verdict: Without any compromise in features and specifications the device worth more than what users are paying for. In case if you want to get it at a very low price then copy this coupon code “PIPOL16” and follow the link below to apply.




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