Pros and Cons Review of Infocus M810

This article about the pros and cons of the new Infocus M810

Well first lets talk about the Cons of the phone.


1) The first con is the 2600 mAh battery which is a disappointment with the phone, because for a 5.5 inch FULL HD display and a 64 bit CPU architecture the battery is definitely going to drain a lot faster.

2) Another con is that it has a 4G LTE of only 1800MHz frequency.

3) Next con is that the camera does not have any kind of Image stabilizer, so your photos and videos might look a bit shaky if your hands are not still.

4) Next cons are in the connectivity category, like there is no NFC, No Wi-Fi Direct, No MHL Out, No DLNA, and No HDMI.

5) Also there is no Temperature sensor and barometer.

6) And lastly it is not a Dual SIM device.


But this does not mean that the phone has only cons, it has some pros too.

1) The impressive 13 MP camera.

2) The 5.5 inch FULL HD display.

3) The Snapdragon 801 processor for ultimate gaming.

4) Android Lollipop 5.0.

5) 6.99 millimeter in thickness.

6) And finally the ergonomics and extreme premium built quality of the phone with metals.

If you are having trouble whether to go with it or not, let me recommend you an alternative phone with great specification at the same price tag. Follow the button below of “Better Alternative Phone”




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