Pros and Cons Review of Moto G 3rd Generation 2015 Model

Like any other phone the Moto G (3rd Gen) also has some pros and some cons.

Below are the lists of pros and cons of the Moto G (3rd Gen).



First lets talk about the pros of the Moto G (3rd Gen):

1) The first thing that can be considered as a pros is the introduction of water resistant feature up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. So if you like surfing or fishing out in the sea or even swimming you can use you Moto G 3rd Gen any time.

1) The second pros is that the 3rd generation model of Moto G is capable of receiving 4G LTE networks. So for faster internet connectivity no problem at all.

2) Next is the camera which now you can record 1080p videos at 30fps. The previous model can only record up to 720p videos. The camera sensor has also been improved, I mean Motorola has increased the resolution to 13 megapixel.

3) The battery is a plus point because it has increased considerably a lot from the previous 2070mAh to 2470mAh. I know there are some who gonna say “ITS NOT ENOUGH”, well then how much is enough. I say its enough to lasts throughout the day even for avid smartphone users.

4) The primary memory RAM of the Moto G (3rd Gen) has been increased to 2GB from the previous 1GB, but they have also launched the 1GB version and I believe consumers won’t like the 1GB version at all because of the low internal memory which is of only 8GB.

5) The GPU has also been upgraded to Adreno 306 from the previous Adreno 305 and that’s OK for normal gamers.

6) Next pros is in the category which basically more than 70% of consumers ask before purchasing any kind of smartphone and that is about the support of USB OTG cable. Yes, the Moto G 3rd Gen does support USB OTG cable.



Now the Cons are:

1) The price, the price, the price. Its too expensive for a mid budget phone to pay that much. We are not getting anything mind blowing like the One plus One.

2) Time has passed and gone but Motorola is still shipping it with Snapdragon 410 chipset. They could have at least embedded with Snapdragon 600 series (I mean the 610).

3) The dimension in thickness of the phone is 11.6mm, that way 3mm thicker than most low end budget phones. The phone is too bulky to hold and for small hands especially for girls its too large because of the thickness. Today in a smartphone saturated world, I believe this is the thickest smartphone around on the planet.

4) The second cons is that it still has a display of 720p HD screen, what the hell we users are supposed to do with that. It has a pixel density of 294ppi only, individual pixels are clearly visible when watching videos or playing games. We consumers really feel cheated for the kind of display that the Moto G 3rd Gen is offering under the given price tag.

5) OK, I understand that the water resistant thing is cool and fine. But instead of that I believe they should have increased the expandable memory capacity to at least 64GB, 32GB isn’t enough of gamers and high resolution image shooters. In fact there are phones which have expandable capacity up to 128Gb and their price is also quite low about half the price of this phone.

6) Again the temperature sensor is missing. We consumers find it hard for why they don’t provide those simple and important stuffs in a mid budget smartphone.

7) No Barometer.

So, if you can compromise those cons of the Moto G 3rd Generation, then you should really go for it. But in case if you cannot compromise, let me recommend for the best alternative phone for the Moto G (3rd Gen). Follow the link below.



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