Pros and Cons Review of Samsung Galaxy J5

Like all other phones, Samsung Galaxy J5 also has some pros and some cons too.

Below I have listed some of the reasons of pros and cons.



First the Pros:

1) The first pros is the 5 inch Super AMOLED display. It helps in lower consumption of battery power. You don’t get Super AMOLED displays with other brands.

2) Besides the 13 megapixel primary camera the front camera which is a 5 megapixel sensor has a flash. It is a plus point for users who even loves taking selfies in low light condition or in the dark too.

3) The front camera can also shoot full HD videos. What’s more is that you can use the full HD feature even when calling through Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc.

4) Now this is the most interesting part, the external memory can be expanded up to 128 GB. That’s a way 4 times more than normal phones.

5) This phone does support USB OTG cable.

6) The dimension in thickness is only about 7.9 mm, so it is really a slim device but not the slimmest around.

7) And lastly a headphone is shipped with the phone. I call this a pros because with other brands you don’t get.



Now the Cons:

1) Everybody is complaining about the RAM which is of only 1.5 GB, and consumers are right.  You know what you can get 2GB RAM phones at two-third the price of this phone with other brands.

2) Next is the removal of Snapdragon processor. Previously many in fact all of the Samsung Galaxy series phones are shipped with Snapdragon chipsets. But now they are following the MediaTek. It’s not that MediaTek is bad, but the fact is that Snapdragon is much much better for power and memory management.

3) First the batter capacity is a little bit low at 2600 mAh and over that it does not have any “Ultra Power Saving Mode”. I am asking because its bigger brother Galaxy J7 have.

4) The temperature sensor is absent. So, keeping track the phone temperature is impossible.

So if you can compromise those cons, you should really go for it. But in case if you cannot compromise let me recommend you a better alternative phone with better specifications, so follow the link below.



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  1. If you update the OS of this handset which Samsung automatically ask whenever you start it first time. Then surely your one of the cons has been removed and converted to pros. When you update it to 6.0 the feature of Ultra Power Saving Mode will be there. 🙂

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