17 Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Model

Cons, Issues, Disadvantages and Problems of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) model Cons, Issues, Disadvantages and Problems.

The new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) model was announced in December 2015 and released in January 2016. It is the successor of the previous Galaxy A7 model. It is known as A710F in Europe, A710M in Latin America, A710FD in Southeast Asia (includes India, A7100 in Hong Kong and A710Y in Taiwan. If you compare side by side with the last model, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) is a huge improvement in design, specs and features. Design wise the device is so premium that it is comparable with the Galaxy S6 body material, its a complete mixture of metal and glass (Gorilla Glass to be precise). There are many other improvements but I will not talk about them as I have written this post to only discuss about the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Problems, Disadvantages, Cons and Issues.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Issues and Problems (Cons and Disadvantages):

1. The first problems is that heating issues (not overheating but very warm) when games are played for more than 20 to 30 minutes. The heating problems is not experienced in any other usage activity, its heats only while gaming.

2. Next Galaxy A7 (2016) problems is that there are a huge amount of bloatware apps or unnecessary apps. Unfortunately users can’t even remove or uninstall them which is a huge disadvantages.

3. Another Galaxy A7 (2016) cons is the absence of a Type-C reversible connector. It really deserves one when the price is considered.

4. Yes the RAM has been increased to 3 GB from 2 GB, however it has only 1.1 GB left for the user to run apps.

5. Next cons is that there is no infrared sensor which users could have used for wireless control of TV, AC and other home appliances.

6. Next Galaxy A7 (2016) issues is the manufacturer did not revealed the SAR values or radiation level.

7. Another cons is that the 13 megapixel camera cannot shoot or record videos in 4K resolution which is a disadvantages for a smartphone this expensive.


8. Moreover the camera does not even have the ability to record videos in slow motion.

9. Next Galaxy A7 (2016) disadvantages is that Samsung had again used the same chipset which was fitted into the previous version.

10. It does not support HDMI cable.

12. Does not support MHL TV-Out cable either which is another Galaxy A7 (2016) drawbacks.

13. The primary camera does not have a dual LED or dual tone flash.

14. Next Galaxy A7 (2016) cons is that it does not support tap to wake up commands.

15. Neither it supports voice wake up commands.

16. There is no 32 GB or 64 GB version, it has only 16 GB variant.

17. And the last Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) problems and issues is that it is not all easy to use and operate with one hand.

My Verdict: Just premium price for a premium body material, not in performance. However if you are looking for an alternative smartphone that is both better and cheaper than Galaxy A7 (2016) then follow the link below.



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  1. I have bought Samsung A7 2016 model last week. While calling or playing games I feel the phone is heating. Is it normal

  2. I bought A7(2016) last month.My phone camara takes times to take clear picture.
    And keyboard lags a lot. After type its display bit delay on screen.
    While charging gets over heat till 60%.

  3. my galaxy A7 becomes power off when the phone is sleep or inactive. to use thr phone always i turned on again and again. if u had solution say sth.

  4. Many games are not working on my A7 (2016) anyone facing the same problem? I installed the games and when I tapped to start it, it blinked and doesnt work at all. Its happening again n again. Plz help!

  5. my samsung a7(2016)does not work wifi bluetooth and hotspot after updating so what 2 do.And dnt buy samsung a7 2016 it has a lot of problem

  6. very bad product all of samsung mobiles , it has heating problem and hang. I hate samsung mobile. I suggest don’t buy samsung mobile

    • I would also recommend to throw them away.I did a mistake to buy Samsung and this time A7 2016. After 3 months it starting to hang and difficult to turn on again and again for long. It was under warranty. I bought from Dubai I live in UK when I contacted local Samsung they simply refused to help and ask to take the mobile to Dubai.
      Very substandard product and even worse after sale srvice. Sorry this is my personal experience……

  7. my A7 can’t be charged fully 100 percent. at the maximum it is charging 80 percent. can anyone help me. it’s only 9 months old.no physical damages also.

  8. i bought a new a7 2016 last week . and upgreded ots sofware to marshmallow i got a issue . the volume problem now even if the volume is full i hardly hear notifications . please solve the prob . please feedback

  9. I am using Samsung A7 when I root my mobile it’s say root fail plz help I have to root and upgrade it…..plz….feedback solution fast…..

  10. My Samsung A7 stop charging! They changed the charging port when I bring it to the service center however after a month it suddenly stop charging again. hmmpt.

  11. Bad network signal. While driving I can not hear received call properly. When I come to far areas signal disappeared so I can not use my phone while other phones work. It killing me

  12. I love this phone it is perfectly in good condition and the best phone I ever used on earth. It fell from my hand the back glass is broken but didn’t affect the front screen and functions bravo..

  13. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I love this phone it is perfectly in good condition and the best phone I ever used on earth. It fell from my hand the back glass is broken but didn’t affect the front screen and functions bravo

  14. There are a lot of bug problems evey application when I run its give a message unfortunately stopped and phone restart automatecally. Also latest update is not updating my phone.just give any solution

  15. I am fed up with Samsung Galaxy A7 mobile. It has given me so much problem in just one year of use! It was overheating all the while and the service centre charged me Rs 3000/- for changing the front panel. Within 2 days thereafter, my mobile failed completely and the service centre told me that the motherboard has failed and there will be no warranty as the mobile was purchased one year and one month back.I had spend Rs 7500/- again to replace the motherboard. I am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the mobile works trouble free for some time. No one should ever think about buying Samsung mobile in future.

  16. I have a Samsung A7 when I am playing videos it always changes the quality and zooms it in you can even see what’s on the video.

  17. i have samsung a7 2016,
    last night automatically ma charging got off and phone got discharged,from that tym gharging is not working.felling helpless

  18. I have run the proposed update. When entering the sim card number the OK button is not allowing the entry.It look deem no light.
    Please advise
    Thank you

  19. The wifi bluetooth and hostspot is not working,can you please help me fix this problem,what should i do with it thank you.

  20. My phone was falled on the floor.My phone was working but screen brightness is not coming what should I do and what is problem

  21. my samsung a7(2016)does not work wifi bluetooth and trnsfer document use otg pendrive. And it has a lot of problem. It also can’t detact my network. All this happen after got new update. I’ve been use samsung for long time this samsung a7 was very disapointed. I LOVE SAMSUNG PRODUCT BUT PLEASE FIX IT ASAP. tq

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