20 Advantages and Disadvantages Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (DETAILS)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (Pros and Cons)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Advantages and Disadvantages.

There is not much of a difference with the 2016 version the J2. But still there are some. Considering the price tag it is in fact better than the non pro model. Now lets move on the main topic which is about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro pros and cons. Kindly note that I am just pointing out the facts and none of them are personal opinions.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro advantages and disadvantages. They can be also considered as pros and cons review.

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (Pros):

1. Display is a 5 inch HD panel.

2. Plus its a Super AMOLED. Compared to IPS it consumes less battery juice and has also provides better viewing angles.

3. For processing it is powered with 1.5 GHz Quad-core chipset.

4. Next Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro advantages is that for multitasking it is powered with 2 GB of RAM.

5. Android Marshmallow v6.0 is the operating system.

6. Another advantages is the 16 GB of internal memory which is left for the user.

7. The external memory can be expanded up to 128 GB.

8. Good camera performance with the 8 megapixel primary camera.

9. The 5 MP secondary camera is also good.

10. It has a 2600 mAh battery capacity.

11. Turbo Speed Technology makes the smartphone performs better by consuming less resources.

12. It has S-Bike Mode which is another advantages or pros.

13. The Smart Glow Notification Ring which is on the back fires different colors for different notifications and can be customized as well.

14. And the last advantages is the navigational touch buttons which are dedicated ones.


Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (Cons):

1. The camera cannot record full HD videos. It can only record up to 720p resolution.

2. Next Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro disadvantages is the non support of USB OTG cable. I am making it as a cons because there are some who uses USB OTG as a daily file transfer medium from PC to smartphone and vice-versa.

3. Another Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro disadvantages or cons is it does have a compass or magnetometer. You will have to trust you instinct or ask people around when navigating to new places because turn by turn navigation with maps will not support.

4. The graphics is just a Mali-400MP2 GPU. If you are not purchasing this mobile for gaming and other graphic intensive related stuffs then it is pretty fine.

5. There is no fast battery charging technology. Means charging the battery from zero percent to hundred percent takes more than 4 hours. I know having a Quick Charge technology will definitely increase the price. But still Samsung should have managed a little to compete with other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei or Le Eco.


6. And finally the last Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro disadvantages is the absence of ambient light sensor. It is important for adaptive brightness. But the thing is that not a single Samsung devices which are even priced Rs. 15,000 does not have one.

My Verdict: At the given price tag its a great device if you can digest the disadvantages. But if you can’t then follow the link below for a far better alternative smartphone.



That is all about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Review in terms of pros and cons.

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  1. everything is fine but processor is dull, i mean at 10k it should be octa core
    absence of gyrometer, compass is also a con.
    charging takes upto 4 hours is irritating.

    go for vivo v3 max all rounder rough and tough phone with 4 gb ram

  2. Hey dude I have the samsung j2 pro i used it for about 3 months and i m very much satosfied with the performnce also as you said that it does not support otg is wrong it supports otg connection….

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