5 Problems, Issues and Cons of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (EXPLAINED)

Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (Cons and Bugs)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Problems, Issues and Cons.

This the pro variant of the J2 for the year 2016. If you look at the specs it is really a great device. Before proceeding to the main topic of the article here are some of the advantages or pros of the device. The 5 inch HD display is a Super AMOLED screen. The processor is a 1.5 GHz which is coupled with 2 GB of RAM. Android Marshmallow is its operating system. Internal memory is 16 GB an is expandable up to 128 GB. The primary camera and secondary camera is 8 MP and 5 MP respectively. Battery is of 2600 mAh. Smart features includes Turbo Speed Technology, S-Bike Mode and Smart Glow Notification Ring. Now lets get back to the main topic which is about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro problems, issues and cons.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Issues and Problems. You can also consider them as cons, demerits, downsides, bugs or disadvantages.

1. Full HD video recording is not possible as it is limited to 720p resolution which is a downside or demerits. But if you intend to use the camera only for taking pictures then it is fine.

2. Second Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro problems or cons is it does not support USB OTG cable. There are some users who regularly uses OTG cable and this device might be a cons for them.

3. Another Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cons or issues is the absence of e-compass (magnetometer). Means turn by turn navigation with maps is not possible. If you never uses a map for navigation then there is no any problem.

4. If you are going to purchase this smartphone for heavy gaming then it might not be the right choice for you. I am saying so as the GPU is only a Mali-400MP2. However normal gaming experience is pretty smooth without any issues.

5. And finally the last Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro disadvantages is the non support of adaptive brightness. Reason is it does not have an ambient light sensor. However if you don’t change your environment lightning quite often then there is no problem.

My Verdict: At the given price tag its a great device if you can digest the disadvantages. But if you can’t then follow the link below for a far better alternative smartphone.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3?

– No it does not have a Gorilla Glass, but the glass on the screen is quite tough.

Can both the SIM card slot support 4G LTE networks?

– 4G LTE is supported with both the slots but can only work with one at a time.

Does it comes with a fast battery charging technology or Quick Charge?

– Fast charging technology or Quick-Charge is not supported.

Does it have any network or signal reception issues or call quality?

– For both making calls and internet data connectivity there is not any issues with network.

Are there any lagging or hanging problems?

– There is no any lags or hangs with the the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro.

Does the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro support VoLTE feature?

– VoLTE feature is not supported.

Does it have battery draining (drain) issues?

– Hm.. its hard to say as it all depends on the user and normally it does not have any battery related problems.

Does it support NFC?

– No, it does not support NFC (Near Field Communication).

Does the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro have any heating issues?

– If you don’t play extreme high end games there is no any heating problems. Again heating issues or any heat related stuffs depends from user to user by how they interact with their devices. For daily normal usage there is no any heating problems.


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  1. J2 pro support VoLTE features. This phone is not for heavy gaming purpose. For normal uses or day to day uses, this phone is good. No heating or signal issue. I personally use this phone for last 1.5 months. Display is good, camera quality is not best but good in day light condition.

  2. best phone for low budget. it has only 1 GB ram there. but perfectly working not lagging. i love this phone.(I have already installed so many apps)

  3. Samsung J2 6..
    I love this phone, It’s really awesome..
    I’ve been using this since 6 months no words for the phone but the glass is very delicate because due to crack on my tempered glass the display has gone..
    The phone is for 9,750k..
    But the display is costing me 6k..

  4. Samsung j2 pro bhul ke b mat lena mujhe liye 1 month b nhi hua hang ho jata h or auto restart hota rehta h bar bar sumsung care pr b iska koi solution nhi h bas 4 din apne pass rakh ke software dal ke wapas de dete h or kuch b fark padata h usse
    Sumsung j2 pro is not good device

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