17 Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition)

Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) Issues and Problems.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) is the new and really upgraded version of the last year model. For instance is has a larger display, more RAM, more internal storage area, bigger battery and many more. But this does not mean that there are no any cons. There are some cons along with issues and problems. And that’s my reasons to publish this post which is about the Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) problems and issues.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) issues and problems along with some cons and disadvantages:

1. The first problems is the heating issues which is quite prominent under normal game play.

2. Second is the display which is a 720p HD display and not a Full HD panel.

3. Third Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) issues are the bloatwares which some of them are non removable.

4. Next cons or disadvantages is that it does not support HDMI.

5. It does not even support MHL TV-Out cable which is another cons or demerits.

6. There is no infrared sensor for IR Blaster which could have been used for controlling wireless home appliances like TV and AC etc.

7. Another Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) problems or issues is that the SAR values is quite high for the body which is of 1.17 W/Kg. To know how to reduce the impact of cellphone radiation on health follow this link.

8. On top of Android Marshmallow it is stuffed with the annoying TouchWiz UI which is designed by Samsung.

9. Next Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) problems or cons is that the processor is exactly the same as last year variant. Comparing with other better devices it should have at least Snapdragon 600 series.

10. The same goes with the GPU which is again same as the last year Adreno 305.


12. Another Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) issues or problems is the absence of fast charging technology for the battery. It is a much needed feature now a days.

13. The output quality of video recording with the primary 13 megapixel camera is very very shaky due to the absence of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

14. The absence of scratch resistant glass is another huge Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) issues or cons.

15. No any special feature like dust resistant and water resistant. I am asking because you can get with other smartphones from other brands at the quite the same price tag.

16. Another issues or problems is that there is no any LED notification light.

17. And finally the last Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (New 2016 Edition) problems is that the navigational touch buttons are not backlit. Using in absolute darkness is a bit annoying.

My Verdict: Two words, “Minor upgrade”. However if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.




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  1. Dear Sir,

    We have purchased Samsung J5 from retailer DH Mobile Pvt. Ltd., Main Street, Mhow through

    IMEI No. 35959307098157
    Bill No. 674 on dated 07/07/2016.

    On dated 15/07/2016 when we started the phone in the morning suddenly display was not working.

    Then we have contacted to Mr. Sudhir Service Center Sri Vardahn Complex RNT Marg Indore, In front of DAVV through retailer.

    Mr. Sudhir has reject the warranty without giving any clarity saying that display internally damage and asking for the display cost 4800/-

    Please understand my pain area after paying 11500/- of mobile cost within a week how I can pay again 4800/- of display cost.

    There is not any External damage, so how internal damage can happen.

    When we ask for clarity their behavior of Mr. Sudhir was not good and Retailer Mr. Frahan (9165165989) also not giving any support to us.

    Then we called to Customer care toll free number 180030008282 to Mr. Ankit through complain no. 8477948407 and again requested me to contact with Service center and call to them.

    Please feel my pain area again and again contact to the people without getting any solution and asking for the display cost 4800/- without any root cause analysis is not affordable to me.

    We are fed up with the SAMSUNG Service Centre Behavior.

    Looking forward to your support for replacing the part without charging any cost to me, because we have not done any fault.

  2. Please help. My phone memory is fulll but my SD card’ 16GB has not been touchef! How dp I transfer the photoes to my SD card?

  3. Samsung J5 has a problem recognising a new sim carď. I tried doing an upgrade, clearing out the cashe and reseting the phone. Still same problem so now taking it back to O2 as the phone is only 6 months old.

  4. I dont.have LTE options in my samsung J5 when update it. i am in problem and tell what i do to get back LTE option in my phone

  5. This phone is not that bad but the Hisense F20 will be better becouse i had it and it was horible but my friends Hisense was a bit cooler

  6. My battrey dies at 50%, now at 100% Which means i have to constantly put it on a charger whenever i want to ise it….i then bought a new one today, it does the same thing….now i dont know what to do. Is it a battery problem or something else….plz help. TiA

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