8 Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (EXPLAINED)

Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (Cons)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Problems, Issues and Cons.

No doubt is the best smartphone from Samsung at the current price tag which has got a full HD display, 1.6 GHz Octa-core chipset, 3 GB RAM, Gorilla Glass 4 from Corning, Android Marshmallow, fingerprint sensor, 13 MP camera, etc.. But there are things which when you know will make you change your decision to go with it. And so to let you know all those I have made this Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime problems, issues and cons.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Problems and Issues. (Disadvantages, Downsides, Bugs, Demerits or Cons):

1. At the given price tag its not in the budget segment anymore, I mean to say that they should have included a USB Type-C reversible connector.

2. Second Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime issues or cons is that there is no fast battery charging technology like Quick Charge or any other. Yes, the 3300 mAh battery is large enough but having a fast charging feature is absolutely necessary as it minimizes the time to recharge when users are in a hurry.

3. The image quality of the primary camera is fantastic, but the video quality seems to be a bit shaky when hand handled. Now this is not an issues or problems with the camera but wish they have included a dedicated OIS (optical image stabilization) feature. I am asking for it as there are brands that does comes with it at somewhere near the price tag of this device.

4. Another problems or cons is that it can neither record videos in 4K resolution nor in slow motion.

5. No infrared sensor for IR blaster.

6. Next Galaxy J7 cons or issues is with the display which is just a TFT panel and not an AMOLED one. Other Samsung devices which are at a lower tag does comes with not just AMOLED but Super AMOLED.

7. The device does not support adaptive brightness because the manufacturer believes the consumers are fools. But we know we aren’t.

8. And the last Galaxy J7 Prime problems or demerits is the bloatware apps (unnecessary apps) which some of them are not user removable at all. To remove all of them you will need to root the device.

My Verdict: One word “DECENT”. However in case if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone that removes some of the cons then follow the link below.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any network, signal reception or call drop problems with the phone?

– No, there is no any issues what so ever with networks or signals.

Does it have any kind of lagging or hanging issues?

– No, even under heavy gaming it does not hangs or lags.

Does the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime supports Reliance Jio 4G LTE SIM for internet?

– Yes, it does supports Reliance Jio SIM card for 4G internet?

Does it supports VoLTE networks?

– Yes, VoLTE is supported with the device.

Does the battery drain or have any draining issues?

– Nope.

Does it support NFC?

– Yes its supports NFC (Near Field Communication).

Does it have an infrared sensor for IR blaster?

– Nope there is no any infrared sensor for IR blaster.

Does the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime have gyroscope sensor?

– No, there is no gyroscope sensor.

Can Pokemon Go be played on the device?

– Yes it supports Pokemon Go but the AR mode should be turned off when prompted.

What about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime heating issues?

– Straight forward and simple answer is that there is no any heating problems. Under extreme gaming also it just fells warm and no over heating issues.


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  1. I recently bought samsung j7 prime phone. It has very good features…i like using this phone. But i am having call drop problem when calling from airtel sim. After 1min the voice is not clear and call drop. So i m concerned for this call drop issue. Pls. Give ur suggestion.

  2. I had purchase samsung j7 prime on sunday ( 18/09/2016) but I found call drop problem when calling from vodafone and idea sim. After 1min the voice is not clear and call drop.I concerned from shopkeeper he suggested me sim problem then I purchase new sim but the problem is same. I am also Went to service centre . Service centre representative told me this is not any problem in my phone So Pls. Give your suggestion.

  3. I recently bought samsung j7 prime phone. It has very good features…i like using this phone. But i am having call drop problem when calling from airtel sim. After 1min the voice is not clear and call drop. So i m concerned for this call drop issue. Pls. Give ur suggestion.

    • Yes ..i have owned it 5 days ago..as a user I can personally say..its laggy with every heavy game..like asphalt 8..mc5..nova 3..fifa 16..even j7 can do handle heavy games better

    • yes gaming wise i would not recommend it to anyone.It lags alot however that is not the main issue, the main problem is the touch part, some games needs constant touch of the screen so what happen is that the touch stops responding for few seconds, so you have to tap the screen for it to be responsive again.

  4. Hii I have purchased j7 prime some days before and I am facing issue, while charging my samsung charger of j7 prime gets hot… n while i was listening to music when my was on charging sunddenly an unrecognised voice started coming.. what is the issue with it.. plzz tel???

  5. I recently bought samsung j7 prime phone. It has very good features…i like using this phone. But i am having call drop problem when calling from docomo sim. After 1min the voice is not clear and call drop. So i m concerned for this call drop issue. Pls. Give ur suggestion.

  6. Im having a wifi connection problem. Other devices can connect to the wifi and work just fine but my samsung galaxy J7 prime is having a problem where it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Ive read some says that it also happens to samsung galaxy J7 and the issue can be solved by turning of wifi saving mode. But the problem with mine is, i just recently bought this phone so it’s kinda new, the steps cant be applied to mine. If u have any suggestions/solutions i highly appreciate it 🙁

  7. I bought J7 prime now I face two problems
    I use duel sim and for call setting I select “Always ask” then I do calling means always I found error that “Phone stopped working”
    I moved Apps to SD card after restart while moving application shows “application not installed”. Please help me on these two problem

  8. Why my samsung j7 prime is commonly keep on turning off when im not using and i need to press the on/off,volume up/down and home button together to open it,how i will resolve this kind of OS issue?

  9. After 2 months problem comes,, specially when unlocking the screen most of the times u cant open as easy as 123, i need to tap long the bottom button, coz even the power button not working once problem comes 😑😑

  10. I bought samsung j7 prime…in few days while using it suddenly goes to thr hime screeen and stops operating.I have to restart it for using again. Is anyone facing this issue??… Can anyone help??

  11. I brought this fone 5 months back ..now n then there is issue of hanging …today ..I got whtsaap mgs. .moment I open the whtsaap page it got stuck in that page . Now it’s not opening .. nothing can happen

  12. How to stop the “com.andriod.com has stopped” issue? I cannot send a message to my network provider. Hope you can answer my inquiry. Thanks!

  13. I bought my j7 prime about 3wks now and was enjoying it until my power button stop working don’t know how or why but i only noticed this a couple hours after my latest update so i decided to do a factory reset and after all that power button is still unresponsive what should i do?

  14. I don’t know what this author consider “heavy gaming” but it is laggy! Heck i only play clash royale and this thing has bad frame rates (not runnning smoothly)

  15. I recently bought samsung j7 prime phone. It has very good features…i like using this phone. But i am having call drop problem when calling from After 1min the voice is not clear and call drops. So i m concerned for this call drop issue. Pls. Give ur suggestion.

    Back to back my cell says not rechable to caller

  16. My handset battary driens are fast charging is slowe when i connect to 4g in (wcdma/gsm/lte) networks drops again and again plz help me sir……..

  17. I have bought 2 months back. Recently I see lot of hanging problems even with facebook / messenger. The screen starts to move from left to right and right to left as it is is jittering.

  18. is it water proof? is it a metalic unibody designed? which one will be better oppo F1s or J7 Prime.i m going to buy it………so answer my questions and help me to choose from one of the cellphones i’ve mentioned..thanks

  19. After 20 days of purchase this phone slowly started to hang evertime i clear phone memory uninstall apps but mobile continues to hang…

  20. its been already 1 and half month ago after i bought my Samsung galaxy j7 prime..and now ts still functioning smoothly..but sometime i fell somthing like that when my phone get older that time i will face the problem of hanging and stuck.. supposed if i face those problem then what will be the solutions for those problem sir??

  21. because its a fixed battery so we can’t remove the battery and example not even functioning or working any keys..

  22. One of the worst phone as i m facing continue call drop problem. It may have lots of features which are fine but basic need is call and its no working anymore. Worst phone ever i used for calling. Really upset with phone. If u living away from city please dont buy this phone. Please please please.

  23. My new j7 prime automatically turned off and yet unable to turn it on back.. and definitely even charging does not work. How can i fix it??

  24. plz provide solution my phone is hanging problem I am purchace 2nd of Apr I am really appsate my choice is wrong my all member is using vivi and oppo

  25. I don’t know why but last night my sj7 got issue thAt suddenly it off and I can’t revive again…but in the morning it self revive again …what the problem I don’t know but I just buy it not long ago about a week and it really have a problem…


  27. i purchased a new galaxy j7 prime it is hanged in normal condition means without any game or any other process….plz tell mme the reason….

  28. Iam using J7 prime for last 2 weeks and iam finding issues while detecting finger print most times. Even if it recognize the finger print there is always a lag for finger print unlock.
    Is it there for all J7 prime phones or should I report this to service….??

  29. I bought a Samsung J7Prime on 11 April 2017.
    The phone does not move to home screen when I swipe to unlock. What can I do??

  30. When I purchased the j7 prime from day 1 its no. 2 slot SIM is having signal drop problem…. and then i received software update. I did after updating internet giving problems

  31. I have recently bought samsungJ7 prime i have inserted 16 gb memory. The problem is that memory card is showing but I couldn’t store or copy/move anything to my memory card that showing failed to

  32. My phone hangs every time I open it. It took me 2-3mins before I open my device. I tried factory reset, but I still encounter those problems. As I open my Gallery and other default applications. It doesn’t load. So what I did, I always restart my phone. I bought my Samsung J7 Prime 3 months ago.

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