6 Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 (Explained)

Problems, Issues and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy J7

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems, Issues and Disadvantages.

Just like with any other smartphone the Samsung Galaxy J7 has got some problems and issues. Some of them can be called as drawbacks and disadvantages. But before diving into those problems here are some of the specs and features of the Galaxy J7 which makes the device quite appealing. For instance the smartphone is powered with an Exynos chipset which does not have any heating problems and issues. Next is the large 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display which provides very good viewing angles and most importantly it drains less battery power. Slim body design with a thickness of only 7.5 mm, 13 megapixel camera sensor and many more. Now lets get back on to the main topic.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems, Disadvantages and Issues.

1. The first drawback of the device is the resolution of the display which is not a Full HD. And because of that the pixel density of the screen is of only 267 ppi (pixels per inch) for a large 5.5 inch display.

2. Next Galaxy J7 problem is the over saturation quality of the 13 megapixel camera sensor. Now this over saturation issue is deliberately manipulated by Samsung to make the images more vibrant, but in real it is not producing the real images.

3. Another disadvantages with the smartphone is again with the camera but not with the still images but with the video quality. I mean it is one of the shakiest smartphone on the planet. I understand that OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is costly but at least Samsung could have made like how their other devices are handling hand shake.

4. The Galaxy J7 does not have a NFC (Near Field Communication) which is a drawback when compared to other devices at the same price tag.

5. Another problems with the device is that it does not have a fast battery charging technology. It is required because the charging time is over 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

6. And finally the last but not the least Samsung Galaxy J7 issues and problems are the absence of temperature sensor, no HDMI and MHL support and no infrared sensor for wireless control of other electronics.

My Verdict: One word “Overpriced“. If you are looking for a far better alternative option then follow this link or the link below.



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    • It may have a good battery life as a whole
      But it’s charging drops very fast so you will have to download power boost app or plug in the charger every time -_-

    • No.. My j7 come to find out had software issues that could not be fixed by tech on the phone or in person. The charging takes too damn long and regular apps seem to drain it. It wouldn’t let me accept phone calls or anything and the phone is 6 months old

  1. my sanding galaxy j7 duos dual is giving me touch problem that’s the touch is malfuncting why solution

  2. I have been charging my phone for more than 5 hrs and still it is not fully charged. It is the first time charge as it is a new phone. What to do?

    • You can download power boost application. It works every time 🙂 it will tell you that what are those things that make your battery not charge early or fully 🙂
      Mostly it’s the brightness of the screen and the screen timeout

  3. My Samsung galaxy j7 when locked doesnot unlock … I mean that it never opens and the screen is black .. I can hear the sound but cannot see anything
    Then I have to take out the battery and put it back again so it can work again but if I didn’t respond or unlock it at the same time when it’s lock screen appears .. It will again show the black screen only
    This is a very big problem for me
    It’s the 3rd day of purchase and I can’t believe I can be so unlucky to have such a problem in my new and 1st very own mobile phone .. 🙁 any solution to this problem ?!!!!

      • meee toooooo is there any solution for this
        im only 11 years old and i’ve been using my j7 for 3 months and it’s my first phone what should i do????? i need this phone to call and text my parents!!!???

  4. I had purchased new j7…. But suddenly side of display get damaged.. I went to service center they refused by saying this is our fault… I was shocked at that time that company is not taking any responsibility of a new phone I had just purchased with in also 15 days.

  5. I have had 4 different Phone in 3 weeks all with the same problem they keep going back to factory reset. I have lost all my contacts and pictures. T-Mobile said that after the 3rd exchange the factory would offer me a different phone but they didn’t. They just offered me another j7. I don’t want another piece of cheap with the same problem. Tech support went in and said it must be in the software. The phone I have now I got yesterday and it has already reset itself 3 times. Can anybody help me.

    • Holy!! 4 different units in less than a month? Well atleast they gave you a replacement. I’m having issues with my J7 as well. Something to do with the screen.. FYI, I’ve never dropped it, never exposed it to direct sunlight, didn’t overcharge etc but there is an issue with the screen.. I doubt if I’ll get a replacement! Smh 🙁

  6. It was a big mistake buying the j7.They said the camera is 13 megapixels but in fact it does not allow me to go further than 9.5 while adjusting the sitting. I love taking pics but with this nonphone I hate taking a pic. A WASTE OF MONEY

  7. I have purchase Samsung J7 the problem is memory is 25 GB free but it popup notification that there is no free space available.

  8. Can anyone help me? I’m having issues with my J7 as well. First issue, whenever I reduce the screen’s brightness to the lowest setting, the bottom part of my screen is flickering (almost like christmas lights!).. Second, when I lock my phone, same thing happens, bottom half of the screen flickers then there are distorted lines.. 🙁

    I regret buying a cheap ass phone. Lesson learned.

  9. j7 is showing some error like EvT or cal err change your test device i does everything now what to do except to go customer care

  10. i, my galaxy j7 has the problem now. It has been two months now I am using it, I didn’t drop or do anything wrong. When it goes on screen lock, it doesn’t come back but I can hear the message sounds and etc. phone keeps working. Could you find any solutions?

  11. I don’t know what’s happening but some time my phone lags and automatically switchs off. And I am signed out from Google account.

  12. I have the J7 for only 3 days. It locked up completely. Had to go through factory reset, which is still in process after an hour. I am beginning to think this was a bad deal and Samsung knew about these issues but got the phone out cheaply to get it of stock. Who can investigate?

  13. My j7 has screen problem when i reduce the brightness, the screen starts blinking but when i increase the brightness then it becomes normal what should i do have you gor any solutions??


  15. I update software in my samsung j7 but after updation my mob did not charge in on mode. It is charged only when i switched off phone.
    Plz suggest

  16. I had my problem with my J7, at first it was okay but not after last night. I did not dropped it or whatever. I charged it but its not charging. It says that it is charging but the butery percentage did not increase. I’m thinking that my charging port is broken or what so ever. Please help! Thanks in advance.

  17. I have Samsung j7 2016 some time i open the front camera it take a long time and camera opening error but back camera is working good.
    How can i fix it..

  18. my j7 camera sometime isnt working…it say camera fail , warning sometime
    . after lunch i hv plan for family pics ..when i open my j7 camera it dosnt work for a long time ..vry embrassing moment.

  19. I thought im the only one that has issues with J7.

    1. Touch screen didnt function
    2. Always always always.. lost connection
    3. Yeah.. camera sucks
    4. Damn.. video sucks
    5. I have to download my own music player (am i the only one?)
    6. Hard to put in the jeans pocket (hahaha this is personal problem pfft~)

  20. My J7 stopped responding Touch screen. Touch is not working and it is just one month old phone. There was some software update from samsung which i selected and once the update was downloaded the Touch is not working. When i visited the service center they said its mother board problem

  21. I bought j7 last Aug, after a month my phone was dead. no power at all. And I brought it to the service center, the board itself is damage and they will replace it to new one. tsk, tsk, tsk…

  22. I have a problem with Samsung j7 if I need to create a new contact it is asking the permission like this first you have to turn off the screen overlay settings from settings apps but it is appeared.

  23. After 1 year and month of usung samsung j7 it is now dead. I can no longer use it except for throwing thanks to samsung update.

  24. In my samsung j7 2016 model , at firt its working very well! but now when I installing any app in google play store it is downloaded fully but not installing. Can you please say , how can I get rid of this problem.

  25. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Samsung J7, is my second phone which I used. Samsung SDUOS really perform well and no problem so much. J7, I purchased 6 month ago, suddenly my phone is dead and battery charge symbol is blinking on screen. Service center told me it is purely battery problem. My question is why Samsung company quality department so bad. A battery is not last for 6 months!!! shame for Samsung company and their recent product.

  26. Never had an issue with fast charging. What I do have huge issues with is the fact that if you backspace twice it takes out the whole freaking word, and also, when I’m on fb and start to type, if I go to a new tab and then go back..it no longer allows me to continue typing. I have to shut down and start all over.

  27. My J7 decided to stop allowing me to be able to go to phone, it keeps saying contacts has stopped but I can still view my contacts

  28. my samsung j7 just powered off on it’s own and when i put in the charger all that came up was a blinking/flashing battery symbol
    how can i fix this!!!! i have only owned this thing for 3 months straight how can it be broken by now?????!!!!

  29. I had taken j7 only 4months ago and this performing is very poor.battery back is very poor…if now i complete charging 100% and i kept phone for 2 hrs without use the battery will becollme 30% or less than also..how can it possible.in 4 months only the batery died…i m facimg a lot of problem

  30. This is my second j7 I exchanged my first one because the camera would shoot out the entire phone. Then in order to turn it back on I had to connect it to the charger. Now my second phone is doing the same thing. Also when I go to the web the words “new post” appear at the bottom so I have to back out and them go back in. It’s a piece of crap. I’m going back to the LG phone

  31. This phone is giving me a tough time too. It had a score of issues but now a new problem came up. Videos aur songs start hone se phele hi pause ho jate hai. I immediately need a solution!

  32. My phone J7, Just updating system software after updating authomatically restart but it cannot continue to open. Stop only SUMSUNG word appear, its almost 2 days past still i cant open.

  33. j7 phone is very stupid phone
    working hours in phone is stoped
    and your calling buiseness is stop
    othervise low prise cellphone is very good working

  34. such a useless phone my friend gifted me this and all went waste as i exchanged it 3 times . I still managed to use it but it gave me problems all the time . now it is fully charged and it has stopped working god knows why. the J series are absouletly useless and pathetic all money wasted .Highly recommend that no one should purchase this phone.i have lost all my data pictures and contacts.few really important stuff which had no back up .

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