Antutu Benchmarks Score of Samsung Galaxy On Max (EXPLAINED)

Review of Galaxy On Max with Benchmarks

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy On Max benchmarks score with Antutu, NenaMark, Geekbench and 3D Mark.

On paper the specifications and features of the newly launched Galaxy On Max from Samsung are very good. It has been powered with Helio P25 Lite processor, 4 GB of RAM for multitasking, 13 megapixel camera on both ends and of course the large 5.7 inch full HD screen. For many the price seems to be a bit on the higher side when compared to others, but that’s Samsung. So now lets get back to the main topic of the article which is about the benchmarks performance of Samsung Galaxy On Max.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy On Max Benchmarks Scores with Antutu, 3D Mark, NenaMark and Geekbench:

a) Antutu Benchmark Score:

Antutu score of Galaxy On Max

What is your expectations of Galaxy On Max with Antutu? Well it earned 48,032 which is a pretty good score. But in case if you are interested in a smartphone which has a score of 60,500 at the same price tag then follow the link below.

better device

b) NenaMark Benchmarks Score:

NenaMark score of Galaxy On Max

This test is for the graphics only, I mean the frames speed of of gaming. It earned a frame speed of 59.1 fps (frames per second).

c) Geekbench Benchmarks Score:

Geekbench score of Galaxy On Max

This test is performed at two levels, viz. single core and multi-core. For the single-core it earned 1023 and for the multi-core it earned 2691 points.

My Verdict: A decent device but the price doesn’t seems to be justified. So if you are interested for a device with better specifications then follow the link below.


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