12 Problems, Issues and Cons of Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro (EXPLAINED in Details)

Issues and Problems of Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro (Cons Review)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro Issues, Problems and Cons.

It has not been even ten months since it was launched in 2015. And now we have the upgraded model of the On5. Some of the features that I find as its point are 720p HD screen, decent 8 MP camera, light weight, Exynos chipset, 2 GB RAM, etc. However there are some which will divert your mind to go with it. But a fact is a fact and I am here to tell about the Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro Problems, Cons, Issues, Bugs, Demerits and Disadvantages.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro Issues, Problems and Cons which can be also considered as demerits and disadvantages.

1. The initial problems is with the display, not about its pixel density. But with the kind of panel that it has. It is a TFT screen which consumes more battery juice compared to an IPS LCD. I don’t understand why the company is not using their Super AMOLED screen, because they normally use in all of their devices.

2. Next Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro issues or cons is with the battery which is of only 2600 mAh. Avid gamers will have to charge for more than twice a day. Now don’t get me wrong here, it does not have any battery drain or draining issues. Its just a small battery package, that’ why.

3. This is not a cheap smartphone, then why on earth it has a Mali-T720 GPU. The T720 are used in smartphones made in 2014. It should at least come with 800 series rather than 700 series.

4. Another Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro problems or cons is the high SAR values or radiation levels. The head value is 1.40 W/Kg and the body value is 1.09 W/Kg. However in case if you want to know how to reduce radiation levels of any cellphone then follow this link.

5. It does not have adaptive brightness because there is no ambient light sensor.

6. Again another Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro issues or problems is that turn by turn navigation is not possible with maps. The reason is the absence of magnetic compass.

7. It also does not have gyroscope. So no support for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

8. Next Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro problems or cons is the inability to connect USB OTG cable.

9. There is also no LED notification light with the device.


10. Moreover apps from the internal memory cannot be moved to the microSD card which is another cons or disadvantages.

11. Charging form zero percent to hundred percent takes more than four hours. They should have shipped it with a fast charging technology.

12. And finally we come to the last Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro issues or cons which is the absence of a scratch resistant protection like Gorilla Glass or DragonTrail Glass.

My Verdict: Its expensive not worth. In case if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.



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  1. Thanks for good information that I wish I’d had before getting this phone. But please have someone proofread your work. Professional articles with this many English grammar errors churn my stomach.

  2. My on5 has problems with ppl calling me an it says it’s not workin. I’ve been to store twice an called them twice. They refresh it an it will work for a few he’s then do it again. I can make calls an get online no problem. I would not recommend this fone.

  3. I would like to know if it’s common for this phone to just delete photos despite having plenty of storage space because mine deleted almost every photo and only saved the downloads

  4. This is the worst phone I have ever had.Ive missed more calls then ever, it gets hot and overall my business has failed. I want to be compensated. What do I do?

  5. Smartphones ? What are they ? Use pigeons! No. It’s Samsung! Still No.1 smartphone manufacturer in the world! I guess not for long? Is Xiaomi doing better?! What?? They manufacture smartphones with more HD features and sell them at cheaper prices?! Wow! I am going to buy that Redmi right now! It even has a FINGERPRINT technology! THE MARKETING STRATEGY! Understand it. Everything that is inside your smartphone has a manufacturing cost that is being followed worldwide! If a HD 20MP smartphone camera parts cost $20, then it is the same everywhere equivalent to the currencies! If Samsung sells a smartphone for $150, you get what is worth for $150! Well, if Xiaomi sells a better smartphone for $150, the company is selling at loss?! Or may be they are using low quality 20MP camera parts (Ask the researchers!) Or may be they own a silicon valley!! You know, dig their own silicon for making phone parts, so they don’t have to trade parts from others and pay more for manufacturing thus selling better phones for cheaper price! But Samsung has proven so many times with their product quality and guarantee, do not consider the price! You need guarantee ? It’s expensiiive… Yeah. Xiaomi has promised to give that too! Just started! So have to wait and see if Xiaomi wins or Samsung prevails!!

  6. I miss calls and calls cut out at the top of my screen where the bars are showing service it keeps showing an E by my service bars why

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