10 Problems, Issues and Cons of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro

Problems and Issues of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro (Cons and Disadvantages)

This article is about the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Issues, Problems and Cons Review.

On paper the specs and features of the newly launched On7 Pro are quite good. Now the word “good” is in terms of comparison with the last year model. If you start comparing with devices of other brands it really lags or falls behind. Now this does not mean that it is really a bad device, no that’s not. It is really an awesome phone in its own way. But considering the price it has some problems, cons or issues. And that’s why I have decided to write this Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro problems, issues and cons. Kindly note that the review is strictly based on facts and facts only.


Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro issues, problems and cons which can be also considered as disadvantages, bugs or demerits:

1. It is a TFT screen. If you compare the quality with an IPS LCD or AMOLED its pathetic. Why is Samsung not using their own designed Super AMOLED displays which they generally use with many of their devices.

2. Second Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro problems is with the chipset which is only a Snapdragon 410. It is quite an old chipset which is now more than a year since its launch by Qualcomm.

3. For normal gaming its fine but high end games are definitely not recommended to play on it. They could have used a better GPU then Adreno 306 from the 300 series.

4. Next Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro issues or cons is the inability to adapt display brightness on its own. Means it does not have an ambient light sensor.

5. There is also no gyroscope with the device which is another issues. This problems extends to the inability to use the smartphone with a Virtual (VR) headsets. Without gyroscope motion based games which has angular motion features does not work.

6. Moreover the operating system comes with some bloatwares. They cannot be removed which is a problem.

7. There is no LED notification light with the device.

8. Another Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro problems or cons is the inability to make turn by turn navigation with maps. The reason is because it does not have a compass or magnetometer.


9. Charging the battery takes a lot of time because it does not have fast battery charging technology.

10. And the last Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro problems and issues is the absence of Corning Gorilla Glass for the protection of its display.

My Verdict: Not worth the price tag. However in case if you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.



Other FAQ:

Does it have lagging issues?

– Technically speaking it does not lag. But when high end games are played on it you might experience some lags.

What about Galaxy On7 Pro heating issues?

– No there is no any heating problems. Yes it fells some warm which is pretty comfortable to hold.

Are there any network receiving problems or errors?

– There is no any problems of issues with signal reception. On both the ends its quite clear.

What about battery draining (drain) issues?

– No, there is no any battery related problems like heating the battery, over drainage or not charging issues.


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  1. Is it samsung on7 pro LED or LCD glass??
    I never been watched any more information in any web site please give the answer its URJENT !!!!!

  2. In my Samsung on7 mobile there is a problem of not getting download of any vedios or pictures.it is asking to turn off overlay screen from setting. But many times I tried no result found .my problem dint solve.

  3. I Purchased Samsung pro 7 last month and now phone is completely dead and battery is ok. Handovered it to samsung Service station but they deposited it without any comments or information given to me and they told they will inform later by calling me.

  4. Why don’t my galaxy on7 pro supports vault or other hiding apps? massages and photos or videos still shows in default apps of phone..privacy is too weak

  5. My on 7 mobile is now strorage full but I deleted all applications but mobile display your device is full what I do now and how solve the problem please help me

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