Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Benchmarks

This is an in depth review about the benchmarks of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

We have tested the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ in 5 different categories with Antutu, Geekbench 3, GFXBench T-Rex HD, Dxomark and Basemark OS II.



Below are the lists of benchmark tests results.

1) AnTuTu Benchmarks: On Antutu the Galaxy Edge+ scored 69,304 and it is the highest value that has been scored by any other device. But don’t rely on only one benchmarks, check the other which are below because Antutu tests only the over performance and not discretely.

2) Geekbench: Geekbench 3 is for testing processor and memory performance of a smartphone. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ tops in Geekbench with a score of 5419.

3) GFXBench T-Rex HD: This test is for 3D graphics, and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ scored 39 which is very good.

Smartphone with the best 3D Graphics4) DxOMark Camera Benchmarks: DxOMark benchmarks gave a score of 86 which is the highest in the DxOMark database. Not only that, the 2nd spot in DxOMark is also a Samsung device, Galaxy Note 5.

5) Basemark OS II: This is like an Antutu which checks the overall performance and the Edge+ scored 1859 which happens to be again the highest score when compared to all other flagships.

That’s means the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ tops in every benchmarks, but benchmarks is not what users will be using, users will use the phone and at the end of the day it all comes down to the usability of the device.


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