8 Problems, Issues and Cons of Swipe Elite Plus

Issues and Problems of Swipe Elite Plus

This article is about the Swipe Elite Plus Problems, Issues and Cons.

On paper the specs and features of the newly launched Swipe Elite Plus is pretty solid. It has a full HD 5 inch display,  Snapdragon 615 chipset, 8 MP selfie camera, 13 MP primary camera, supports 4G LTE, DragonTrail glass for scratch resistant and many other. But this does not mean that it does not have any issues, problems or cons, it surely does have some. I have discussed the Swipe Elite Plus issues and problems below.


Below are the lists of the Swipe Elite Plus Problems, Cons and Issues:

1. The first is the heating issues under normal game play. The heating problem is also experienced when using the camera for longer than 10 minutes.

2. Second Swipe Elite Plus issues or cons is with the operating system which is fells very buggy. It does not lag at all, but Freedom OS is definitely not a smooth looking one.

3. Another problems or cons is that it is loaded with unnecessary bloatware apps. They are not bugs but it cannot be uninstalled. To uninstall it you will have to root the smartphone but that will void the warranty terms of the device from the manufacturer.

4. Next is that it does not support USB OTG cable. WHAAAT? Powered by Snapdragon 615 and does not support USB OTG.

5. Major cellphone manufacturer publishes their SAR Values, but Swipe didn’t bother at all which is a cons. SAR values (specific absorption rate) is a measurement of cellphone radiations.

6. Another Swipe Elite Plus problems or issues is that it does not support VoLTE. VoLTE is a feature for making voice calls over LTE networks.

7. There is no way for the user to move apps from the internal memory to the external memory card which happens to be another Swipe Elite Plus cons.

8. And the last Swipe Elite Plus issues or problems is that it does not have compass or magnetometer. Turn by turn navigation is not possible with maps.

My Verdict: Still a good buy. But in case if you can increase your budget a little bit, I would like to recommend you a better alternative smartphone. I have provided the link below.



So that is all about the Swipe Elite Plus problems and issues. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. thanks a lot you have saved me from buying this, i almost bought it i have added it cart! also

    thanks a lot for putting very important point on top

    keep adding more review

    all the te best

    • I read it little late. I used it for a month or so. Doesn’t match to its specs. Very poor. Just don’t buy suggestion. I am just throwing it. Even not going to exchange.

  2. Hey even by allowing unknown source I can only install external apps most from two to three, and after that install button doesn’t work… Someone please help me out..

    • If you turn on any screen overly apps so turn it off before installing apps .Either the install button is not working

  3. Swipe elite is a phaltu phone. Don’t get it any one. Ye phaltu mobile. Battery problem heating problem.flipcart Vale return nahi lerahahai. Only replace. Lakin pure swipe company bekar ki chise hai. Flipcart I want to return to is phone. What you doing I don’t know.

  4. Swipe elite plus Volte not inbuilt.major mistake…
    old version..
    Volte ke bina bakwas..
    heating problems..
    bettry is not so good..
    repair center nahi..
    toch not so good..
    kya isme Volte ka software dal Salta hai kya…tell me??? pls

  5. i purchased swipe elite plus mobile on last week.,the phone automatically switched off in sometimes in ideal condition,this issue comes daily once or twice,pls advice how to solve the problem.,

  6. all above comments mention are absolutely wrong. I have been using this mobile past 3 months. tremendous response.

    Few Cons are true:
    No VOlte support,

  7. Please give the right info about the phone.you getting some wrong info about swipe elite plus.
    1.It support USB otg
    2.you can move apps from internal-external
    3.It have a built-in compass

    I’m a swipe elite plus user so give the real informations .

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