7 Problems and Issues of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

Problems and Issues of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime (Cons)

This article is about the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Problems, Issues and Cons Review.

This is really a very good smartphone at the given price tag. Comparison wise with other devices it has some really appealing specs. It has a fingerprint scanner, Snapdragon 430 chipset, Adreno 505 GPU, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory and many more. But those are the pros. Now lets talk about the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime problems, issues and cons.


Below are the lists of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime problems and issues which can be also considered as disadvantages, bugs, demerits, cons and downsides:

1. The first is the display resolution, it only a 720p HD screen with a pixel density of 294 ppi. It is an average display with average resolution. There are some smartphones which costs less than this does comes with a full HD screen.

2. Next problems or drawbacks is that there is no dedicated memory card slot. It has to use one of the SIM card slot but that will make the smartphone a single SIM smartphone.

3. The navigational touch buttons which are below the display are not backlit. Before Redmi devices comes with backlit and now they are ditching them.

4. Another Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime issues or downsides is with the warranty services for consumers living in remote places. Its easy to buy from Flipkart as they deliver pan India but the limited service centers might be a problem from some.

5. The selfie camera performance in low light is not promising. Sure it is a 5 megapixel sensor but the smaller focal aperture makes the image quality noisy in low light conditions. If you are not interested in taking selfies then you can forget this cons.

6. There is no any protection for the display from scratch or shatter which is another problems. The reason is there is neither a Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass. However a good tempered glass might solve the issues.


7. There is no any way to open the back panel. Means the battery is not accessible or removable. There will be times when users will force fully need to remove the battery to turn off the device.

My Verdict: Its a very decent despite the cons. However if in case you are looking for a better alternative smartphone then follow the link below.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime display have protection with Corning Gorilla Glass 3?

– No, it does not have a Gorilla Glass protection for the display.

Can both the SIM card slot support 4G LTE?

– One SIM slot works with WCDMA and the other with 4G LTE.

What about Quick Charge or Fast battery charging technology with Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime?

– Yes it supports fast charging technology which takes only 75 minutes from zero percent to hundred percent.

Is there signal reception or network issues?

– There is no any signal reception issues or network problems with internet or calls.

What about hanging or lagging problems?

– There is no any lags or hangs.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime support USB OTG cable?

– Yes, it supports USB OTG cable and can even connect it to external hard disks.

Does it have VoLTE support?

– Yes it does support VoLTE. It is a feature for making voice calls over LTE networks.

Does the battery drain or have draining issues?

– No it does not have any battery draining problems.

Does it have NFC?

– There is no NFC (Near Field Communication).

Does the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime have heating issues?

– Technically speaking there is no any heating problems what so ever. It just heats a little when extreme high end games are played on it which is pretty normal and is quite manageable.


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  1. I bought redmi 3s prime and now after 15 days it had problem. The problem is when i reboot phone my fon not started it display only mi and android on screen but not started main page.

    • Have you found any reason why the phone is showing only MI, but not starting… Im facing the same issue now.. battery got completely drained and when i switch it on im not able to start…

  2. I sujjested to my friend that to buy redmi 3s prime.although it has good features some of them were saying it has too heating problems.iam having big confusion with it plz give sugestions the heating issues about the redmi 3s prime. Is it it better to buy prime???

  3. i am happy with my new Redmi 3S prime but something is seriously disappointing me with my new 3s prime. THE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ISSUE.
    before 3s prime i used asus zenphone 2. i checked every specification regarding network connectivity between this two devices, nothing is much different. But then also m suffering from low connectivity with this device. Im using IDEA 3G net connection for my internet uses then also i didn’t get 3G connectivity, and with same condition i already used this 3G network in my old cell phone at same places and i never suffering from this network issue. so kindly solve my problem other wise i do not suggest my any friends, family member to buy this cell phone.

    • I faced the same issue. What I did as a work around was, dial *#*#4636#*#* and select the preffered as WDCDMA ONLY. It will force the phone to work only in 3G.

    • i have redmi 3s. and my problem is same as urs. when i switch on my phone it shows 2G. although my net pack is 3g . did every setting and even visited cervice centre but problem reamained same. 3G network remains for 1or 2 minute .then network crashes and drops to 2G. i prefer not to buy any redmi device. and flipkart and service centre only waste ur time .dont solve ur problem.

    • Hi Parth,
      Have you got any reply about the internet issue.
      I’m facing the same issue in my 3s Prime.
      Please let me know what is the remedy for the data connection issue as I have tried all the possible ways to solve this issue even I have visited the MI Service station where they themselves are not trained and not experts.

  4. when I charged my phone then I also used my Whtsapp Gmail any thing nd then my key pads not working properly so now I m thinking about to return this phone…..

  5. . The navigational touch buttons which are below the display are not backlit is fine but it gets hanged and on double press centre button it takes it to the google page and finally the phone has to be kept idle for a minute or 2 for it to dislay the main screen..I just purchased Redmi 3s Prime a week back from E-Bay

  6. Should i buy redmi 3s prime ? As i’m lover of playing games and videos. And i spend my very huge time with internet. So will it good for me to buy ??? Plz friends help me ! Will this company give me a good service during any fault in my phone ?? And what is it’s battery backup ??

  7. Just 2 days back I have purchased the MI 3s Prime and the only problem I am facing is when I am talking to someone my voice is not clear to them but their voice is very clear to me.
    Please try to solve this issue, calling is the main purpose of the phone otherwise we cannot use it.

  8. I had buy redmi 3s in 28/09/2016 and comes in my hand 2/10/2016 & and on 10/10/2016 it got switch off and not on since then I go to mi service centre but no use from they give me service record letter and said me that call our customer care service and replace your mobile so I calling them 6 to 7 time they said wait how long i wait overwall mi replace ment policy is very bad

  9. yes! i am suffering 1st time from the heating problem.. at the time of charging.. or clicking the picture..
    it is happened first time.. otherwise i am happy with Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime.

  10. my redmi 3s prime finger touch stop working after one dy of purchashing
    and after some it not support my own pin password
    now i try all the mehod of reboot and hard reset but each and every step is fail here

  11. Sometime it’s hanging completely, then I had to press the power button twice to make it work.
    Also facing issues with camera.its showing camera app not responding msg.
    I had to reboot the device to use the camera app.

  12. 3 days back i bought 3s prime. But now my finger print sensor is not working properly. I need to press power button once and then finger print sensor then only it is working. Previously after lock, if i do the finger print sensor alone it worked. Anyone facing the same issue ?

  13. No it’s worst fon.plz don’t waste your money.I have 3s prime.I bought this fon on 3/10/16.gallery does not show photos and videos.then I replace the device.BT the new fon has also the same problem.it’s hangs many time.

  14. I have network connectivity issues in my 3s prime phone..it is not conected to internet also no sound clarity in voice call. Please suggest.

  15. I bought redmi 3s prime and now after 10 days it had problem. The problem is when i reboot phone my fon not started it display only mi and android on screen but not started main page

  16. Hi I orderd a mobile redmi 3s prime is delivered tomorrow so i have cleared so many doughts to all of reviews but i am not clear about overheat problem..? Does mobile is overheat issue is there

  17. Internet connectivity problem. Everytime you need to place it on flight mode then normal then only it comes. Pls help 9999438006

  18. 2 days ago i purchased redmi3s prime mobile.2day i updated my mi status.That time i got send bug report.i pressed cancel button but automatically that message came on display.How can i rectify my problem

  19. I bought 3s prime 10 days back.I cannot hear the opposite persons voice immediately when called.have to wait for few seconds like 40 or so.Even in Between the call the voice goes away Inspite of good network.Earlier i thought the screen gets touched etc..but nothing like that.I am facing this problem n read someone too facing the same.Can anyone suggest what can be done.

  20. Also.having issues with the network..aarrgh. Iam used to fast soeeds, and this phone keeps saying MO INTERNET CONNECTION. How do i solve this.

  21. My phone is going hang .many times in a day screen display push back button and volume button simultaneously but problem is solving after sometime problem solve himself .other problem photos after taking king by Google the photos not showing in gallery have I a big mistake to purchase this set may have solve these problems or not if not solve these problems what I will do of it I m a poor man plz pls suggest me what I do now I will be very grateful to your company if u solve my these problem we can’t use double sim with SD card this also a big problem for me dear sir pls solve my all problem I will be very grateful to you
    Mohammed Salim
    Moradabad India

  22. Vodafone 2G Connectivity issue. Tried a lot to solve the issue but it persists. No one is ready to solve problem…In my previous phone I was successfully using 2G service but in this mobile no network connection.
    Whats the solution?

  23. I have sufficient space in phone
    But when i download aap then they says you don’t have sufficient space
    How to sove this problem

  24. I to love it but it has started a problem near to camera and above the fingerprint sensor if you tap with one finger it produce a sound which is making me worry why is that sound coming is it any big problem

  25. Maine redmi 3s prime set lia OS ek problem arahi jab calling krta hu to heating krta h mai pehla phone replace kr ye new aya h to same problem kya bat h ye koi bta sakta h muje

  26. I suggest you, never ever buy mi phones. With my redmi 3s prime, i m facing heating issues( whenever phones temp goes above 41,a automatically restarted) volte issue, hardware problem(suddenly black screen then screen dipping and then restarted), front camera wrost..

  27. Third class product…. mojor issue is after two days phone lost the network n shows no sim again n again . And update miui 8 in every 24 hours… dont go with fratures n price…..

  28. Hey, I have a problem that aparently is pretty much unique, because I’ve searched about it on the Internet and I have asked everyone about this but nobody gave me an answer.
    The problem is that when an app asks for permisson to do something (View contacts for example) it gives me two options: “accept” and “reject” but when i hit “accept” nothing happens, but it only lets me hit “reject”. I don’t know what to do.
    Thanks, greetings.

  29. I have a issue of signal reception where two sims showing no service at my home and office areas. but working fine at main public areas.

  30. seriously i just fed up with this..i have bought it on 29 dec 2016 but after 8,9 days it had a problem that when i start to send a photo to my friend on whatsapp the photo was not going..then it showed hanging then i press the home button then. cleared ram then i found no media in my phone and also i was not able to send any pics or videos to anyone then after sometimes it switchedoff…so same prblm showing again and again.then after consulting customer care i reset dat phone..it worked nyc for 2 days.. but after some day it started again hanging…i dont know how to get rid of it .someone plyz tell me…what to do??can i update software..will it work for many days for that i will not facing the same issue or not

  31. Waste phone stop working after 3 days of purchase. I am not able to switch it on even it is 95% charge.
    Suddenly heated and now not working.

  32. Purchased redmi 3s prime in Oct 16 unable to change wallpaper whenever try to change pop up comes “unable to load image” pl help how to resolve this issue.this problem is from day 1

  33. Hi.. I bough the mi 3s prime in Dec 2016. Within two months the phone started giving problem inspite of having 2gb ram. The phone gets hang in the middle and also gets heated.l am very disappointed with the company.as if it is cheating the coustmer in cheap way.

  34. When the phone on locking mood there some issue is faced,Automatically phone is shut down after 2-3 mins and when i want to on the device there some extra time taken for switch on the smartphone!This phone i buy max 1 month but in this type of service from REDMI it’s not grantehyd.Please give me some solution how to recovery the solution?

  35. I am also user 3s prime ..
    My mobile has already hang so muchmuch within 5 days when we bought.i went service centre many times but no more comfortable solution only create many problems I suggest all customer who wants buy this handset don’t buy otherwise ???????????

  36. The cons mentioned in this article are completely trivial, this article is just a publicity stunt to sell that other alternative phone. You people shouldn’t even write articles, its not for biased people like you.

    • I have turned on Hotspot and the data is being used on other Android device and you make a call..Hotspot(internet) will not work while you are on call. It will resume when you disconnect your call.

  37. I am getting heating problem in my phone from last 8-9 days
    My phone is 6 months old and this is a major issue my phone gets heated very badly and also i have considered some tricks based on it whether i am using new original charger of it

  38. Redmi 3 S prime purchased in 2016 DEC , till now faced multiple times not starting issue All of sudden mobile will turn off & wont charge at all; only red light will blink at bottom of backlit no powerboot options also. It will go for sleep mode for few days & all of sudden will wake up from trauma.

    Amzing phone with Artificial intelligence of lady drama mode.

  39. Redmi 3s prime too much heeting when charging or use jis din Maine kharida osi din se problem hai baki company d.o.bana kk in between 3-4 days ph chnge kar deti hai par redmi mai nai a asseya munhee retailer ne kaha jaha se meine buy kiya online tou Mila nai par kharidney k baad dhukhi he hua service center Jane k baad bhi problem thek nai hui apney friend relative ko suggestion dunga k redmi not good don’t buy the product

  40. My redmi 3s prime mobile cemera is good but when I open it in WhatsApp take photos low light and flash light it comes black and white photo.

    Plz salve my problem

  41. Ya Same battery heat problem.Suddenly it stop working and showing like dead(Battery was fully charged).within two month it happen with my 3s prime.

  42. Here I facing the problem is reboot….In 24 hours my phone 6-8 times reboot automatically….this problem comes after 1 year complete my phone….What can I do for this problem….Plz reply

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