7 Problems and Issues of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (EXPLAINED)

Problems and Issues of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Cons)

This article is about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Problems, Issues and Cons.

After a grand success of the Note 3 Xiaomi has decided to launched the successor. It has a couple of changes and the price tag is still around the predecessor one. Now I have written this article to talk about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 issues, problems and cons. But before producing into them here are some of the good things that’s worth acknowledging. For instance its processor is a 10 core Helio X20 chipset, 3 GB of RAM, 4100 mAh of battery, Android Marshmallow, MIUI 8.0, 64 GB internal memory, fast battery charging, etc.


Below are the lists of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Problems and Issues which can be also taken as Disadvantages, Cons, Bugs, Demerits, Downsides, Downfall.

1. The first is obviously the absence of a dedicated microSD card slot. These gimmicks will not work because it defeats the purpose of a dual SIM smartphone.

2. Second Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 problems or cons is that there is no NFC (Near Field Communication). At this price tag there are many smartphones which does offer NFC.

3. Another is that the camera which cannot record videos in 4K resolution. Technically speaking the processor Helio X20 does have the ability to handle 4K resolution videos.

4. Next Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 issues or cons is the absence of an infrared sensor for IR blaster. These are small things which are not that expensive and at the end of the day it really counts for what it can do and can’t do. Like wise the NFC, infrared sensor is also present with many other devices which are at the same price tag.

5. Many in fact all the Xiaomi devices have high SAR values or radiation levels compared to its counterparts.

6. Next cons is not a big deal but users generally complain about it and that is the non removable battery.

7. And the last Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 problems or issues is the absence of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (or Glass 4) or even a Asahi Dragontrail Glass for the protection of its display.

My Verdict: Great if you can compromise the cons. However in case if you cannot then follow the link below for a better alternative smartphone.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the device supports fast battery charging technology?

– Yup, it does support Quick Charge for fast charging.

Is there any network, signal reception or call drop problems?

– Nope.

What about the lagging or hanging issues?

– As its powered by Helio X20 with 3 GB of RAM there is no any lags even when games are played at the highest configuration levels.

Does it support Reliance Jio 4G?

– Yes it does support Reliance Jio SIM card for 4G internet.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 supports VoLTE networks?

– Yes, it does supports VoLTE.

Does the battery have drain or draining issues?

– No there is no any battery related issues what so ever.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 have gyroscope?

– Yes it comes with a gyroscope sensor for better gaming orientation.

What about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 heating issues?

– Straight forwardly speaking its does not have any kind of heating problems even games are played continuously for longer time.


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  1. If the Note 4 glass is the same as the one of Note 3, then it is supposedly better than CGG 3 or 4. Plenty scratch tests available on Youtube also.

  2. Tengo el redmi note 4 y si posee ranura para tarjetas y si posee control infrarojo es muy completo mi duda es si es que tiene gorilla glass??

  3. There is a sensor recognize problem. And major drawback is if any using lock with sensor and if you aren’t using for more than 24 hours means senor can’t recognize your figures.

  4. In my note4 when ever Iam calling to other person they can’t hear my voice properly with earphones there are some noise sounds occurred is it mic problem r not can I know the reason..plz reply me are it is any network problem 9000770230 plz msg to this number ….hw can I fix and some times it works good..plz tell me the reason

  5. Hey. .i recently bought this phone and few days later it stopped working..i dnt know whats happening..i switched on the phone and it showed MI logo and vibrated and switched off ..and again switch on automatically and showed MI logo and again switched off… its not working..what should i do? Please tell me.

  6. Afetr few days using my new Redmi Note 4 it only rings for income call from favorite contacts; no sound for calls from others and none for alerts/notifications/messages etc.

    The Android version is 6.0 MRA58K Aand the MIUI version is
    What can be done to fix it?
    Thanks for your help/

    Uri Meir

  7. when I’m selected accessibility TalkBack and speech out options ..and then my phone is locked and its not working even my fingerprint on its…even menu bar display bars are closed function buttons are not works I can’t believe ..why the phone is hanging up like that..plz solve this…..

    • try to restart options are visible but can’t selecting required option it says that icon name by voice but action was not performing..I think I should give it to service centre …plz inform me …if it’s possible to solve my problem by hand plz share that information…

  8. i had just buy redmi note 4 i m facing some issue in mobile data connectivity

    i am using 2 4g sim, 1st sim for calling and 2 sim for data but whenever i receive or make call from 1st sim the 2nd sim data connection disconnect

    before redmi note 4 i have used other company handset with 2 4g sim when i call from sim 1 then 2nd sim data is always connected

    i am using sim1 for call only 2nd sim for data only then why data from sim2 get disconnect while making call from sim1

    but in Xiaomi redmi note 4 hadset phone 2nd sim data disconnect always while making call. i had chat with Mi customer care person he said Xiomi have manufactured phone in such a way

    Very Disappointing from Xaiomi Redmi Note 4

  9. I purchased new MI note 4 mobile in Sangeetha mobile store and just two days over i am facing network issues in mobile,

    Mobile doesn’t capture network compare to other mobile

  10. If you are talking about nfc and ir blaster then.. I would like to correct your knowledge that it has ir blaster.. And can you suggest me any smartphone with nearly price tag and have both nfc and ir blaster with all the common sensors like gyro, compass etc

  11. Battery issue when your phone is not work In night then your battery will drain approx 80 to 60 plz reply solution

  12. Over heating during charging.. there big problem in charging pin. Service centre .no proper service centre .

  13. I had bought new mobile by Redmi note 4 last 17th April, when the mobile has broken screen glass. i was going to MI service care for exchange new screen glass for 3210rs but i m very problem. Please cheapest price.
    Please helping me, Please giving me your number…

  14. My phone is xiaomi redmi note 4. I have faced a problem that my sim card is not supported but i had used it before in this mobile.The sim card is supported by another mobile. Again another sim is supported in my mobile.I have replaced the sim but same problem.I wnt to xiaomi servicing center,they checked it by another sim card and said your slot is ok.I went to mobile servicing center and the checked the sim in their mobile and said ok. But the particular sim is not supported in note 4. So what can I do??

  15. I purchased my redmi note 4. 2 weeks ago its battery backup is one day for normal usage but when I play games for 20-25 minutes its start heating. Every one says there is no heating issue but I face the heating problem.

  16. Dear I have recently purchased mi note 4 4gb & 64gb but I am facing the problem with charging when insert the charger into device after 5 minute it’s temperature got 42.c overheat so what should I do.????

  17. When i tried to change my whatsapp profile its saying something your phone have a bug report ….i cant undrrstand that what is that??

  18. When i tried to change my whatsapp profile its saying something your phone have a bug report it……i cant undrrstand that what is that??

  19. I jst on my data n playing for while… Then till 30min I just off my screen n xoff my data put in my pocket…. It’s still hot,… Yyyy..it’s still my 3rd day of my hp bought.. Pls help me

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