12 Pros and Cons of YEPO N737A Notebook (Laptop Review)

Review of YEPO N737A Notebook (Laptop) with Pros and Cons

This article is about the YEPO N737A Notebook (Laptop) Pros and Cons Review.

Like smartphones today notebooks are also completely saturated with great offers especially in their prices. Today we have a new notebook in town from YEPO which is called N737A, a very creative name, what is this some kind of rocket. Anyway jokes aside the specifications of the laptop is very good right from the display all the way down to the body material. So without any further delay let’s perform the YEPO N737A Notebook review in details with pros and cons.


Below are the lists of YEPO N737A Notebook advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

Full aluminium body

Reasons to Buy YEPO N737A Notebook (Laptop) (Pros and Advantages):

1. The display is of 13.3 inch which is a very standard notebook size. It’s the Apple MacBook Air screen size. Now the resolution is of 1920×1080 pixels which makes it a full HD screen. Colors, brightness, saturation and contrast levels are all pretty good. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 which is the standard format.

2. The processor is a 1.1 GHz quad-core from Intel which has a cache memory of 2 MB. If you want more speed then the processor has the ability to over clock up to a frequency of 2.2 GHz with Intel Turboboost Technology, that’s double in normal mode. The power requirement of the processor ranges from 4 watt to 6 watt which is very low.

3. Another reason to go with is for the amount of RAM that it comes with. Out of the box it has 6 GB of RAM and you can even increase up to 8 GB with the extra slot available. There aren’t many laptops that provides extra slot for RAM.


4. The GPU is from Intel. Actually it’s the Intel HD Graphics which has a clock speed of 600 MHz. It’s not very fast but does the job for not very high graphical games.

full HD display

5. Next YEPO N737A Notebook advantages is regarding the internal memory which comes with 128 GB of SSD (solid state drive) chips. Compared to the regular HDD (hard disks drive) it’s  lightning fast. Apart from that you also have the option to increase the memory up to 128 GB as it comes with an extra slot for that purpose.

6. The latest Windows 10 is the operating system which comes pre-installed. You won’t require any additional license keys. However do keep in mind that there are no additional softwares like MS office or other.

7. There is an HDMI port which can output contents to a projector or a monitor.

8. It comes with two USB ports which are both 3.0 versions. One each on both the sides.  9. Another reason to go with it is for the weight which is extremely light. The exact weight is 1.15 Kg which is in fact lighter than the 13 inch MacBook Air.  10. And the last reason is for the full metallic design which feels very premium. The material of the metal is Aluminum.

128 GB memory

Reasons Not to Buy YEPO N737A Notebook (Laptop) (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

1. First demerits is the poor front camera which has a resolution of mere 0.3 megapixel s. If live video chat is something you do very often the you might not like the quality of the camera of this laptop.

2. Another YEPO N737A Notebook cons or problems is for the  absence of RJ45 connector. It’s the LAN port which is important for insanely high speed of data transfer up to 1000 Mega bits per second. It should have really come with it.

3. The USB Type-C is also missing. However I won’t complain much as it already have the USB 3.0 for file transfer.

4. And here is the last but not the least cons of YEPO N737A laptop is about the battery capacity. The exact capacity is 4800 mAh which is quite low for a laptop. These days even smartphones have more battery capacity than 4800 mAh. So for a laptop with 10,000 mAh battery at around the small price range then follow the link below.

bigger battery

My Verdict: Good specs with good price. However if you are looking for a better alternative laptop then follow the link below.


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